To Save on Costs, Hire More Nurses: An Infographic


Every day there are over 10,000 baby boomers who reach the age of 65 and with that more medical complications. In order to keep up with this aging population, hospitals will need to come up with new strategies to implement to lower staff cost while improving patient care.

Let us look at what could happen in case a hospital decided to go against the grain and actually hire more nurses as suggested by some studies.

According to the report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the patient outcomes significantly improve across the board. The study found that seven lives would be saved for every 100 patients if only the medical facilities would increase staffing from four to six nurses per bed. From this, there are reductions in the rate of onsite infections, complications and accidental death.

A rise in medical staff can enhanced the ability to save lives but also produces a wide range of economic benefits for individual patients and the country altogether.

It is estimated that an additional 133,000 registered nurses in the workforce could save 5,900 lives every year which translates into patients no longer needing to stay inside hospitals since they receive better attention and recover much quicker. This could result in as many as 3.6 million hospital days cut with an additional $6.1 billion in medical savings.

Learn more by overviewing this infographic created by the Adventist University of Health Sciences’ Online RN BSN program.



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