Tribute to Nurses Throughout Time: Looking Back at Our History Together


The true wage of being a nurse is never in their monthly salary, but in the days when they made a difference in someone else’s life. Choosing to become a nurse is not a million dollar dream: often times, being a nurse is being altruistic, never asking for anything in return (because if it was, all nurses would have been millionaires by now, just by being a nurse!). And that vital piece of information is something that people should remember, to keep in mind how striking an impact a nurse can contribute to their recovery.

This tribute is not just to honour the nurses in the past (and boy, just look at the evolution of the uniforms!), but this is also a reminder that all nurses can be destined to do great things too. Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Dix, Martha Ballard, Joyce Slinsky, Helen Fairchild, you name it. There are hundreds of nurses out there that have made a distinctive and everlasting mark in the history books, shaping our world today. A nurse can turn someone’s world to gold with just a smile and a caring touch. And just look at how far we’ve come! We are making history, you and I.

“We are making history, you and I.”

This glimpse of antiquity and of the present point in time offers everyone a mental picture of what being a nurse is. A nurse can work themselves out with no faltering even if it means extending their shift late at night, deal with the most unpleasant body fluids a person can generate, offer a 90-year-old weakened heart free encouragement, praise and be a cheerleader to an expecting mother towards a successful childbirth, or console the agonizing tears of the living who had just lost a loved one. But most importantly, the nurses are here to tell you that you are not alone in your battle against your condition no matter the intensity or how hopeless the situation could be.


In this video, the images suggest great respect to the nurses who went beyond the range of their scope. To them, perhaps, they have a bigger understanding that nursing is not just merely a profession. When you look at them, there is a powerful evocation that nurses had an unexpected talent to end human suffering, and such talent deserves to be given merit for doing a key role in saving lives in the history of mankind.

In this lifetime, if you ever had the chance to meet a nurse, or is being cared by one, don’t hesitate to tell your nurse, “Thank you for making me feel like I am alive again.” That is enough to brighten their day. A little appreciation really goes a long way.


Sheena Maireen Saavedra is a registered nurse since 2007. She is working as a general nurse in Ireland since 2016 but was a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit when she was in the Philippines. As a person who continually challenges herself to expand her skill set, she ventured into different fields of the medical world, which includes working as a Product Performance Analyst and Quality Analyst in Boston Scientifics Inc, a medical company that manufactures Class III implantable devices such as pacemakers, ICDs, and CRTs. In general, she enjoyed being a nurse as it helped her meet all kinds of people – which impacted her life the most as she listened to their stories of triumph and tribulations. The profession has created avenues for her to make a difference to somebody’s life. This inspired her to write materials, guides and stories that served as sources of inspiration and help to the world around her, in particular to her fellow sisters and brothers of the industry.