Two Nurses Caught in Sex Act in Front of Patient Head to Jail


The two nurses who were caught on camera engaging in sex acts while caring for a stroke victim were handed down short prison stint and probation, according to a report on Times of San Diego.

A surveillance video showed Russel Torralba, 42, and Alfredo Ruiz, 43, performing a sex act on each other inside the 99-year-old woman’s bedroom.

Alfredo Ruiz and Russel Torralba
Alfredo Ruiz and Russel Torralba

Under a plea bargain, the two men pleaded guilty to a felony charge of inflicting mental suffering on an elder. Alfredo was sentenced to 325 days in prison while Russel received 365 days.

The nurses – both of whom are Filipino – will be put on probation for five years.

It was in 2011 when Alfredo and Russel were arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct, following the shocking incident caught on video. The security footage showed the two male nurses allegedly fondling each other while touching the bed-ridden victim.


The video, taken between March 3 and March 11, 2011, shows both nurses apparently masturbating and performing oral sex on each other near the patient’s bed. One of the nurses was also seen leaning his crotch onto the patient’s hand and kissing the woman’s face.

[quote_right]…Both men will be barred from seeking employment at a hospital.[/quote_right]

As part of the probation both men will be barred from seeking employment at a hospital.

While this incident clearly sends a message to other nurses and caregivers not to abuse their patients, the victim’s lawyer, William Berman, said this is also an isolated case that should not represent other Filipinos who do admirable and exceptional work in the caregiving and nursing professions.

Meanwhile, according to Berman, the victim who is now 102 years old is doing well.


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