Viral Video about a Patient Flirting With Her Nurse Circulates Online

A video is circulating online and has gone viral, reaching more than half a million views after only having been posted for less than three months. In it, a groggy female patient, delirious from her sedative or anesthesia, is seen talking semi-coherently being under the influence of drugs.

The nurse just plays along with her cute flirting, “appreciating” her words and thanking the girl. The patient also touched the male nurse’s chest with her hand, which the nurse tries to parry away gently. She also seems to be concerned that the nurse is going to leave, so the nurse said he wasn’t going anywhere, at which point the patient made a kissing motion to the nurse, saying “I love you SOOO much!” afterward. And she says this more than once!

At this, the nurse said, “Thank you!” and the girl answered, “You’re welcome!” The girl continues to say, “You should love me too!” and the nurse answered, “We just met today!” Undaunted by his deflecting statements, she continued to say that they were going to get married in the chapel.

The nurse then predicts that their video exchanges might go viral. And it did!

Celine Francisco is a registered nurse/freelance writer/content strategist/teacher who found her niche in crafting human interest stories, creative non-fiction, and business. Believing in the power of the mind, she loves to tinker with the impossible and turn it into the simplest masterpiece.

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