‘If It Weren’t For You’ A Parody Song Dedicated to the SimMan


If there is someone (or something) that truly aided us get through nursing school, it would probably be the SimMan. Those lifeless manikin helped us practice in action what should we do on real-life scenarios, may it be a cardiac arrest, a traumatic injury, giving advance life support, and many more.

In a music video that I stumbled on YouTube, the singer serenades the manikin used by medical students in simulations. The song “If It Weren’t For You (I’d Be Sued)” tells the story of the unsung heroes of heroes for what they had to go through in the name of patient safety and improvement of our clinical skills.

Accompanying the witty lyrics are hilarious pictures and short clips of the SimMan. The lyrics gave some thought-provoking quotes from “I apologize that you have to die too many times,” to “I wanna take you with me everywhere I go, just you and me and your gangrene toes.” Well, if it weren’t really for the these manikin, we’d be sued and screwed!

Watch and listen the music below and find out how long can you last without laughing. I lost it at “I’m sorry for the time I misplaced your vagina,” and the nurse was chucking it in.


This hilarious masterpiece was written by and performed by Dana Boulé and was directed and conceptualized by Justine Cooper.

Did you find the video above amusing? Share your thoughts (and thanks to the SimMan) on the comments section below! 

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