zDoggMD’s Low: A Parody of the ER That Will Get You Crazy!

zDoggMD's Low: A Parody of the ER That Will Get You Crazy!

We all know what an ER can be like. “Drug seekers” and “frequent flyers” seem to be lined up out the door. EMS is bringing in trauma patients left and right. Doctors are yelling orders. Family members are yelling orders. Patients are crashing. Nurses are running. It can be crazy. Even if you’ve never worked there, you understand what goes on in the ER. And don’t think for one second that you actually will get off work on time. A trauma will roll in about five minutes before clocking out. Or you’ll be stuck on hold trying to call report to an accepting floor at shift change.


ZDoggMD’s hilarious parody of Flo Rida’s ‘Low,’ is a depiction of an ER at its finest. Without the help of nurses, PAs, and MAs, doctors wouldn’t be able to handle it all. Overworked and most likely underpaid, we’re all “burned out like a toaster.” But with a little teamwork, “clinic got flow flow flow…”

Matt Vera is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing since 2009 and is currently working as a full-time writer and editor for Nurseslabs. During his time as a student, he knows how frustrating it is to cram on difficult nursing topics and finding help online is near to impossible. His situation drove his passion for helping student nurses through the creation of content and lectures that is easy to digest. Knowing how valuable nurses are in delivering quality healthcare but limited in number, he wants to educate and inspire students in nursing. As a nurse educator since 2010, his goal in Nurseslabs is to simplify the learning process, breakdown complicated topics, help motivate learners, and look for unique ways of assisting students in mastering core nursing concepts effectively.

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