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6 Easy Ways on How Nurses Can Master the Art of Delegation

Delegation in Nursing: 6 Tips to Master Delegation

To make the process easier, here are six strategies you can start with.

15 Highest Paying Nursing Careers

We've come up with the list of the top 15 highest paying nursing jobs and careers based on their average annual salaries.

Oncology Nurse: Roles, Qualifications, Specialties & Opportunities

Oncology nursing includes the roles of being a caregiver, consultant, educator, researcher and an administrator. This profession extends to all care delivery settings where cancer patients receive nursing care, education and counseling for cancer care or cancer prevention. Screening and detection of cancer patients is also included in the nurses' role.

6 Useful Tips for Fresh Graduate Nurses

Here are 6 wonderful tips for graduate nurses to prepare you to be the best nurse you can be and land that dream job!

Which Nursing Area is Best for Your Personality?

I would enumerate some important tips in determining the kind of nursing area that you might like as dictated by your personality.

Becoming a Pediatric Nurse: 5 Things to Consider

When you consider a career in pediatrics, as a nurse or otherwise, it’s not uncommon to hear how rewarding it can be. It’s very true, but it’s also important to realize the nuances of that experience and like any nursing profession, it isn’t always straightforward and it can be incredibly challenging
9 Ways to Flunk Your Nursing School Admission Interview

9 Ways to Flunk Your Nursing School Admission Interview

There is such a shortage of nurses that the nursing school admission interview is just a formality, especially if you have excellent grades. Right?

Saudi Prometric Exam for Nurses: How to Apply

Prometric Exam for Nurses (aka Saudi Council Examination) is a requirement for foreign-educated nurses seeking employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here's our full guide on how to apply.

Substance Abuse in Nursing: What Are the Signs and What To Do About It?

Do you suspect that a co-worker is abusing drugs or alcohol and impaired while at work? What are the signs? What should you do about it?
Five Values Needed to be a Good Clinical Nurse Leader

Five Values Needed to Be a Good Clinical Nurse Leader

Being a clinical nurse leader is a great career...