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Woodhull Study Revisited: Nurses Still Invisible in Media

No one is talking about nurses, the work we do or listening to what we have to say. The conclusion that, after two decades, nurses remain invisible in health news.

Thousands of Nursing Applicants are Rejected Amidst Growing Nurse Shortage

Nursing schools across the USA are turning away thousands of qualified applicants every year while the demand for nurses is already outstripping the supply.

ICN: ‘Nurses a Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right’

“Nurses a Voice to Lead – Health is a...

Study: Better Educated Nurses Improve Survival Rates of Dementia Patients After Surgery

A major study found that where hospitals employed more nurses with at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, fewer patients with dementia died after surgery.
First registered nurse and lay woman Beatified

First Lay Nurse Beatified

Hanna Helena Chrzanowska was beatified by the Catholic Church on April 28 in Poland. This was the first time that the Church bestowed sainthood on a registered nurse and laywoman.
Nurses Are Much More Than a Hand to Holdvideo

WATCH: Nurses Are Much More than a Hand to Hold – They Innovate, Inspire,...

It's the fifth month of the year 2018 and it's time once again to celebrate National Nurses Week!
Celebrating Nurses Week 2018

Celebrating Nurses Week 2018

Let's celebrate National Nurses Week 2018 in the next few days to recognize and honor the great contribution of nurses to society! This article your portal to all Nurses Week 2018 activities.

Nurse Invents ‘Hug’ to Prevent Accidental Extubations in NICU’s

RN Tricia Cady’s long-time worry about NICU babies pulling out their lines and tubes merged with her RN to BSN studies to lead to an invention – The Cady Hug - that addresses the fourth leading cause of harm to babies in NICU’s.

Calls for More Men to Join Nursing is Becoming a Global Trend

Reports on actions to recruit more men into the profession are seen in the media across the globe.
Dance Party Rave

Young Volunteer Nurses Help Rave Audiences Stay Safe

Through Project Safe Audience (PSA) a group of young volunteer nurses are helping to reduce high-risk behavior amongst their peers partying at raves in the city of Winnipeg, Canada.