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Alarming Obesity Rates Among Nurses

One in four nurses in the UK was found to be obese, according to a recently published study.
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Study: Nurse Staffing Linked to Stillbirths and Neonatal Deaths

An in-depth investigation into stillbirths and neonatal deaths showed that in the large majority of cases different care during labor and directly after birth could have led to a better outcome.

GAPFON Report: Addressing Professional and Global Health Priorities for the Future

Strong leadership was identified as the core priority for positioning nursing and midwifery for the future in the recently published report by the Global Advisory Panel on Nursing (GAPFON).

Nurses Can Lose Their License Because of Unpaid Student Loans

When nurses fall behind in their student loan repayments, they can lose their license to practice in terms of the law in some states of the US.
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World Diabetes Day: A True Life Story of Reversing Diabetes

What better message for us as nurses to get out there for World Diabetes Day on November 14?
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Celebrating National Nurse Practitioners Week 2017

Around 234,000 nurse practitioners (NP’s) in the United States are providing vital health care services, particularly in the field of primary health care.
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Brexit Uncertainty Fuels UK Nurse Staffing Crisis

For the first time in history the number of nurses on the register had dropped year on year.

Utah Nurse Alex Wubbels Awarded $500,000 Settlement After Forceful Arrest

On October 31 it was announced that Wubbels had agreed to a $500,000 out of court settlement, part of which she plans to donate.
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Millennials Entering Nursing Could Ward Off Nursing Shortage Crisis

This could ward off the severe nursing shortages anticipated with the looming retirement of the baby boomers and the more significant demand for nurses in the next couple of decades.
Video of Nurse Singing to Dying Patient – What Does it Mean for Nurses and Nursing?

Video of Nurse Singing for Dying Patient – What Does it Mean for Nurses...

A video of a beautiful moment when Nurse Olivia Neufelder sang to her dying patient went viral over the past few days with 4.5...