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2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife – Featured

2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife: Everything You Need to Know

Take a look at what 2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife means, its importance, and how you can become involved in getting your profession the recognition and support it deserves.
Nurses Most Honest, Ethical Professionals Gallup Poll 2019-2020

Nurses Rate Highest in Honesty, Ethics for 18th Time

The nursing profession came out on top for the 18th time in the annual Gallup poll in which the American public is asked to rate the honesty and ethics of various professions.
Northern Ireland nurses on strike. Image via: RCN.org.uk

Thousands of Northern Ireland Nurses Strike Over Pay and Safe Staffing

Thousands of nurses in Northern Ireland staged a 12-hour walk-out on January 8 in a longstanding dispute over pay and safe staffing. This was after a similar strike by 9,000 nurses on December 19 had brought no resolution.

Reducing Risk of Central Line-Associated Blood Infection

Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) is an insidious and ubiquitous issue in healthcare settings.

Urgent Investment in Nursing to Reach 2030 World Health Goals

Decisions taken at two high-level meetings over...
2019 Nursing Rewind A Year in Review (Featured)-2

Nursing Rewind 2019: Year in Review

For this Nursing Rewind, let's take a look and review the biggest stories in nursing for 2019.

Nurses Support ‘Medicare for All’ As Fix For US Healthcare System

Nurses, who face the issues within the current healthcare system in the US daily, are rallying behind the proposed Medicare for All Act.
ANA Position Statements on HIV/AIDS

ANA Publishes Policy Statements on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

The American Nurses Association (ANA) released a Position Statement with 13 updated policies on prevention and care for HIV and related conditions.
Members of the National Nurses United for H.R.1309. Image via: uswlocals.org

House Passes Bill to Prevent Workplace Violence Against Health Care and Social Service Workers

H.R.1309 was passed by the House of Representatives to address violence against health care staff.