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Are you ready to learn? This nursing test bank includes over 3,500 nursing practice questions covering a wide range of nursing topics that are absolutely free! No registration is required! Please answer all of our mock exams to help you prepare and review for any nursing school exams (including NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN). Our goal is to provide aspiring nurses with free resources and help them become registered nurses.

NCLEX-RN Nursing Test Bank

Everything related to the NCLEX-RN! These NCLEX-RN practice questions are great to simulate the actual exams from random nursing topics with varying difficulty. Are you ready for the challenge?

Select All That Apply

Nursing test bank questions that will help you familiarize and tame the dreaded SATA questions of the NCLEX.

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment

On this nursing test bank are practice questions about prioritization, delegation, and assignment. These common NCLEX questions are challenging to answer, but you will ace them with enough practice using the questions below!

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis

A special set of nursing test bank questions dedicated to the interpretation of arterial blood gas.

Safety and Infection Control Nursing Test Banks

According to the NCLEX-RN test plan, about 9 to 15% of questions will come from this subcategory that includes content about the “nurse‘s ability required to protect clients, families, and healthcare personnel from health and environmental hazards.

Nursing Pharmacology Test Banks

Updated nursing test bank questions related to nursing pharmacology and administration of medication.

Dosage Calculations

We have consolidated our practice questions for drug dosage calculations in this set, divided into four parts to test your skills in dosage calculations. In this nursing test bank, practice dosage calculation problems to measure your competence in nursing math.

IV Flow Rate Calculations

Practice your calculation skills on intravenous flow rate with this nursing test bank set. Includes questions about intravenous flow rate calculations, intravenous medication dosage calculations.

Fundamentals of Nursing Test Bank

Comprehensive nursing practice questions related to fundamentals of nursing.


Maternity Nursing Test Banks

All questions in this nursing test bank are related to maternal and child health nursing, obstetric nursing, and maternity nursing.

Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment

This nursing test bank set covers topics related to nursing care of the newborn and assessment.

Pediatric Nursing

A new set of nursing test bank questions related to the nursing care of pediatric clients and their disorders.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Test Bank

A large number of nursing test bank questions related to medical-surgical nursing.

Cardiovascular Disorders

Newly updated nursing test bank questions about the nursing care of patients with cardiovascular system disorders.

Respiratory Disorders

Nursing test bank questions related to respiratory system disorders like the nursing care management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pneumonia, pleural effusion, and other respiratory system disorders.

Neurological Disorders

Nursing test bank questions related to the nervous system. Question content of these nursing test banks includes nursing care management of patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, seizures, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and more.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Practice questions related to the gastrointestinal system and its disorders.


Endocrine Disorders

Nursing test bank questions related to endocrine system disorders.

Diabetes Mellitus

Answer all the diabetes mellitus practice questions (100 items) from our nursing test bank and test your competence in the nursing management of diabetes.

Urinary Disorders

Practice questions about urinary system disorders.

Reproductive Disorders

Questions related to nursing care management of reproductive system disorders.

Integumentary Disorders

Practice questions related to integumentary system disorders.

Burns and Burn Injury Management

All questions related to burn injury nursing care. In this nursing test bank, we’ll test your knowledge of burn injury nursing management concepts.

Homeostasis: Fluids and Electrolytes

Updated nursing test bank questions related to fluids and electrolytes.

Cancer and Oncology Nursing

Practice questions about cancer and oncology nursing.

Emergency Nursing

Nursing test bank questions related to emergency nursing and triage.

EENT and Sleep Disorders

Nursing test banks related to eyes, ears, nose, throat, and sleep disorders.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Test Bank

Nursing test bank questions related to mental health and psychiatric nursing.

Growth and Development

Questions related to the theories on growth and development (Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, etc.)


Therapeutic Communication

The best questions and nursing test bank set to help you answer Therapeutic Communication questions.

NCLEX-PN Nursing Test Bank

Our updated set of nursing test bank questions for NCLEX-PN!

Leadership and Management in Nursing

Practice questions related to nursing leadership and management:

Nursing Research

If you are looking for practice questions about nursing research, look no further!

Test-Taking Strategies and Tips

Reviewing nursing concepts for your exam is just one part. You’ll need to learn how to answer the questions correctly too. Here are some test-taking tips:

Matt Vera is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing since 2009 and is currently working as a full-time writer and editor for Nurseslabs. During his time as a student, he knows how frustrating it is to cram on difficult nursing topics. Finding help online is nearly impossible. His situation drove his passion for helping student nurses by creating content and lectures that are easy to digest. Knowing how valuable nurses are in delivering quality healthcare but limited in number, he wants to educate and inspire nursing students. As a nurse educator since 2010, his goal in Nurseslabs is to simplify the learning process, break down complicated topics, help motivate learners, and look for unique ways of assisting students in mastering core nursing concepts effectively.

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