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Nursing Test Bank and Nursing Practice Questions for Free

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By Matt Vera BSN, R.N.

Are you looking for a reliable study resources to help you ace your nursing exams? Look no further than our nursing test banks! Our nursing test bank includes over 6,500 nursing practice questions covering a wide range of nursing topics from medical-surgical nursing to nursing pharmacology and more! These test banks are absolutely free and no registration is required!

Answer all of our mock exams to help you prepare and review for any nursing school exams (including NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN). Studying from our nursing test banks can help you become familiar with the types of questions that you may encounter on your exams. These test banks are a helpful study resource for nursing students especially when used in conjunction with our other study materials.

Our goal is to provide aspiring nurses with free resources and help them become registered nurses. We hope our high-quality exam-style questions will help you boost your confidence and knowledge to ace your exams!

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What are Nursing Test Banks?

Nursing test banks are a collection of questions and answers that are relevant to the nursing field. These questions are often used by nursing instructors as a basis for exams, and they can also be used by nursing students to study and prepare for their exams. Using a nursing test bank can greatly improve your chances of success on your nursing exams.

Quiz Guidelines

Before you start, here are some examination guidelines and reminders you must read:

  1. Practice Exams: Engage with our Practice Exams to hone your skills in a supportive, low-pressure environment. These exams provide immediate feedback and explanations, helping you grasp core concepts, identify improvement areas, and build confidence in your knowledge and abilities.
  2. Challenge Exams: Take our Challenge Exams to test your mastery and readiness under simulated exam conditions. These exams offer a rigorous question set to assess your understanding, prepare you for actual examinations, and benchmark your performance.
    • You’re given 2 minutes per item.
    • For Challenge Exams, click on the “Start Quiz” button to start the quiz.
  3. Complete the quiz: Ensure that you answer the entire quiz. Only after you’ve answered every item will the score and rationales be shown.
  4. Learn from the rationales: After each quiz, click on the “View Questions” button to understand the explanation for each answer.
  5. Free access: Guess what? Our test banks are 100% FREE. Skip the hassle – no sign-ups or registrations here. A sincere promise from Nurseslabs: we have not and won’t ever request your credit card details or personal info for our practice questions. We’re dedicated to keeping this service accessible and cost-free, especially for our amazing students and nurses. So, take the leap and elevate your career hassle-free!
  6. Share your thoughts: We’d love your feedback, scores, and questions! Please share them in the comments below.

NCLEX-RN Nursing Test Bank

Everything related to the NCLEX-RN! These NCLEX-RN practice questions are great to simulate the actual exams from random nursing topics with varying difficulty. Includes 30 quizzes with 30 questions each. Are you ready for the challenge?

Test your mastery with these Challenge Exams:

Quiz No.Quiz TitleQuestions
NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Test Bank
1Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam UPDATED!30
2Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
3Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
4Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
5Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
6Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
7Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
8Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
9Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
10Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
11Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
12Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
13Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
14Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30
15Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Challenge Exam30

Build your confidence and grasp core concepts with these Practice Exams:

Quiz No.Quiz TitleQuestions
NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Test Bank
1Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
2Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
3Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
4Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
5Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
6Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
7Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
8Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
9Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
10Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
11Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
12Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
13Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
14Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30
15Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Exam NEW!30

Select All That Apply

Nursing test bank questions that will help you familiarize and tame the dreaded SATA questions of the NCLEX.

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment

This nursing test bank includes four quizzes and 100 practice questions about prioritization, delegation, and assignment. These common NCLEX questions are challenging to answer, but you will ace them with enough practice using the questions below!

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis

A special set of nursing school test bank questions dedicated to the interpretation of arterial blood gas. See also our arterial blood gas interpretation technique using the tic-tac-toe method.

Safety and Infection Control Nursing Test Banks

According to the NCLEX-RN test plan, about 9 to 15% of questions will come from this subcategory that includes content about the “nurse‘s ability required to protect clients, families, and healthcare personnel from health and environmental hazards.

Nursing Pharmacology Test Banks

Updated nursing test bank questions related to nursing pharmacology and administration of medication. Includes comprehensive quiz about nursing pharmacology concepts and specialized exams about cardiovascular, psychiatric, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and endocrine drugs.

Dosage Calculations

We have consolidated our practice questions for drug dosage calculations in this set, divided into four parts to test your skills in dosage calculations. In this nursing test bank, practice dosage calculation problems to measure your competence in nursing math.

IV Flow Rate Calculations

Practice your calculation skills on intravenous flow rate with this nursing test bank set. Includes questions about intravenous flow rate calculations, intravenous medication dosage calculations.

Fundamentals of Nursing Test Bank

Comprehensive nursing practice questions related to fundamentals of nursing and basic nursing concepts.

Maternity Nursing Test Banks

All questions in this nursing test bank are related to maternal and child health nursing, obstetric nursing, and maternity nursing.

Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment

This nursing test bank set covers topics related to nursing care of the newborn and assessment.

Pediatric Nursing

A new set of nursing test bank questions related to pediatric clients’ nursing care and disorders.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Test Bank

A large number of nursing test bank questions related to medical-surgical nursing.

Anatomy and Physiology

New nursing test banks all about anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Quiz No.Quiz TitleQuestions
Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Test Banks NEW!
1Anatomy & Physiology: Blood10
2Anatomy & Physiology: Cardiovascular System10
3Anatomy & Physiology: Digestive System10
4Anatomy & Physiology: Endocrine System10
5Anatomy & Physiology: Integumentary System10
6Anatomy & Physiology: Lymphatic System10
7Anatomy & Physiology: Muscular System10
8Anatomy & Physiology: Nervous System10
9Anatomy & Physiology: Respiratory System10
10Anatomy & Physiology: Skeletal System10
11Anatomy & Physiology: Special Senses System10
12Anatomy & Physiology: Urinary System30

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Our newest nursing test bank covering the nursing care of patients with musculoskeletal system disorders.

Cardiovascular Disorders

Newly updated nursing test bank questions about the nursing care of patients with cardiovascular system disorders. Topics include: care of patients with cardiovascular disorders such as: dysrhythmias, hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular diseases, myocardial infarction, and peripheral vascular diseases.

Respiratory Disorders

Nursing test bank questions related to care of patients with respiratory system disorders like the nursing care management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pneumonia, pleural effusion, and other respiratory system disorders.

Neurological Disorders Nursing Test Bank

Nursing test bank questions related to the nervous system. Question content of these nursing test banks includes nursing care management of patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, seizures, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and more.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Practice questions related to the gastrointestinal system and its disorders. Topics include care of patients with pancreatitis, ostomy care, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, liver failure, liver disorders, appendicitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal disorders, hepatitis, and more.

Endocrine Disorders

Nursing test bank questions related to endocrine system disorders.

Diabetes Mellitus

Answer all the diabetes mellitus practice questions from our nursing test bank and test your competence in the nursing management of diabetes.

Urinary Disorders

Practice questions about urinary system disorders.

Reproductive Disorders

Questions related to nursing care management of reproductive system disorders.

Integumentary Disorders

Practice questions related to integumentary system disorders.

Burns and Burn Injury Management

All questions related to burn injury nursing care including a reviewer for the topic. In this nursing test bank, we’ll test your knowledge of burn injury nursing management concepts.

Homeostasis: Fluids and Electrolytes

Updated nursing test bank questions related to fluids and electrolytes.

Cancer and Oncology Nursing

Nursing test bank and practice questions about cancer and oncology nursing.

Emergency Nursing

Nursing test bank questions related to emergency nursing and triage.

Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat and Sleep Disorders

Nursing test banks related to eyes, ears, nose, throat, and sleep disorders.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Test Bank

Nursing test bank questions related to mental health and psychiatric nursing. Topics include concepts related to mental health and psychiatric nursing such as: psychiatric assessment and fundamentals of mental health and psychiatric nursing, care of patients with alzheimer’s disease, delirium, dementia, and more.

Quiz No.Quiz TitleQuestions
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Test Bank
1Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Challenge Exam50
2Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Challenge Exam50
3Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Challenge Exam50
4Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Exam25
5Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Exam25
6Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Exam25
7Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing Assessment and Fundamentals Challenge Exam25
8Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing Assessment and Fundamentals Practice Exam25
9Psychiatric Medications NCLEX Challenge Exam25
10Psychiatric Medications NCLEX Practice Exam25
11Psychiatric Medications NCLEX Practice Exam25
12Alzheimer’s, Delirium, & Dementia Nursing Care Management NCLEX Challenge Exam35
13Alzheimer’s, Delirium, & Dementia Nursing Care Management NCLEX Practice Exam30
14Anxiety Disorders Nursing Care Management NCLEX Challenge Exam25
15Anxiety Disorders Nursing Care Management NCLEX Practice Exam25
16Anxiety Disorders Nursing Care Management NCLEX Practice Exam25
17Schizophrenia Nursing Care Management NCLEX Challenge Exam35
18Schizophrenia Nursing Care Management NCLEX Practice Exam30
19Substance Abuse and Abuse NCLEX Challenge Exam50
20Substance Abuse and Abuse NCLEX Practice Exam25
21Personality and Mood Disorders NCLEX Challenge Exam30
22Personality and Mood Disorders NCLEX Challenge Exam30
23Personality and Mood Disorders NCLEX Practice Exam25
24Personality and Mood Disorders NCLEX Practice Exam25

Growth and Development

Questions related to the theories on growth and development (Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, etc.)

Therapeutic Communication

The best questions and nursing test bank set to help you answer Therapeutic Communication questions.

Leadership and Management in Nursing

Practice questions related to nursing leadership and management:

Nursing Research Nursing Test Bank

If you are looking for practice questions about nursing research, look no further!

NCLEX-PN Nursing Test Bank

Our updated set of nursing test bank questions for NCLEX-PN!

Test-Taking Strategies and Tips

Reviewing nursing concepts for your exam is just one part. You’ll need to learn how to answer the questions correctly too. Here are some test-taking tips:

Nursing test banks are an essential tool for any nursing student looking to excel on their exams. Nursing test banks are the key to success in advancing your nursing career, we hope this comprehensive guide have provided you all the information you need to excel.

Recommended books and resources for your NCLEX success:

Disclosure: Included below are affiliate links from Amazon at no additional cost from you. We may earn a small commission from your purchase. For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN
Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination is often referred to as the best nursing exam review book ever. More than 5,700 practice questions are available in the text. Detailed test-taking strategies are provided for each question, with hints for analyzing and uncovering the correct answer option.

Strategies for Student Success on the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Test Items
Next Generation NCLEX®-style practice questions of all types are illustrated through stand-alone case studies and unfolding case studies. NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) is included throughout with case scenarios that integrate the six clinical judgment cognitive skills.

Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination
This edition contains over 6,000 practice questions with each question containing a test-taking strategy and justifications for correct and incorrect answers to enhance review. Questions are organized according to the most recent NCLEX-RN test blueprint Client Needs and Integrated Processes. Questions are written at higher cognitive levels (applying, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and creating) than those on the test itself.

NCLEX-RN Prep Plus by Kaplan
The NCLEX-RN Prep Plus from Kaplan employs expert critical thinking techniques and targeted sample questions. This edition identifies seven types of NGN questions and explains in detail how to approach and answer each type. In addition, it provides 10 critical thinking pathways for analyzing exam questions.

Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN® Exam
The 10th edition of the Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN Exam, 10th Edition. This study guide gives you a robust, visual, less-intimidating way to remember key facts. 2,500 review questions are now included on the Evolve companion website. 25 additional illustrations and mnemonics make the book more appealing than ever.

NCLEX RN Examination Prep Flashcards (2023 Edition)
NCLEX RN Exam Review FlashCards Study Guide with Practice Test Questions [Full-Color Cards] from Test Prep Books. These flashcards are ready for use, allowing you to begin studying immediately. Each flash card is color-coded for easy subject identification.

Matt Vera, a registered nurse since 2009, leverages his experiences as a former student struggling with complex nursing topics to help aspiring nurses as a full-time writer and editor for Nurseslabs, simplifying the learning process, breaking down complicated subjects, and finding innovative ways to assist students in reaching their full potential as future healthcare providers.

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