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Stories and articles about the life and culture of being a nurse. Explore witty and humorous articles about the life of being a registered nurse. Get to know tips, tricks, and other nursing hacks.

Nursing During the Deadliest Influenza Pandemic of 1918

Never before have those of us who are alive today experienced the demands and the collective shock, grief, and feeling of helplessness brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Best Ways to Level-Up Your Nursing Career

These 5 opportunities will give you the creative motivation you need to move into your next nursing role.

Guide for Managers: 9 Ways to Celebrate the Year of the Nurse

If you’re a manager wondering how to celebrate the Year of the Nurse with your staff, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine ways to commemorate the Year of the Nurse:

35+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Ideas and Tips

Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week, graduation, Christmas holidays, birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide help you find the perfect gifts for nurses!

Ethel Gordon Fenwick: Nurse Reformist You Never Knew About

Ethel Gordon Fenwick was the pioneer of the movement for professional registration for nurses.

10 Emergency ‘MacGyver’ Hacks for Nurses

You’re at a party, a family gathering, or next to the sports field - and someone develops a health issue. All eyes turn to you because, after all, you’re the nurse or nurse-to-be. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Nurse Burnout: Are You At Risk?

Burnout in nursing is a growing problem because of ever-increasing stress. In this article, we’ll define what is burnout, symptoms of burnout, and what you can do to manage and prevent it.

8 Reasons Why Your Nurse Best Friends Are Just the Best!

Have you ever wondered why a nurse best friend is like no other? Here are some of the reasons – and they’re actually supported by research!


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