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Ophthalmic Care Plans

Care plans relating to eye disorders:

2 Macular Degeneration Nursing Care Plans

2 Macular Degeneration Nursing Care Plans

Nursing management of macular degeneration involves supportive lifestyle changes to adapt to the decrease in vision and others. Here are 2 nursing care plans for macular degeneration.
2 Cataracts Nursing Care Plans

2 Cataracts Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care revolves around patient education before and after surgery and providing safety. Here are nursing care plans for patients with cataracts.

3 Glaucoma Nursing Care Plans

Increased intraocular pressure (IOP) or Glaucoma is the result of inadequate drainage of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye. The increased pressure causes atrophy of the optic nerve and, if untreated, blindness. Here are 3 nursing care plans for Glaucoma


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Neurogenic Shock Nursing Care Management

Neurogenic Shock

Anaphylactic Shock

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