18 Heart Failure Nursing Care Plans

    In this nursing care plan guide are 18 NANDA nursing diagnosis for heart failure.

    6 Hypertension Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care planning goals for a client with hypertension includes adherence to therapeutic regimen, lifestyle modifications, and prevention of complications are the focus of the nursing care for patient with hypertension. Here are six (6) hypertension nursing care plans: 

    4 Cardiac Catheterization Nursing Care Plans

    Cardiac catheterization is an invasive procedure in which a small flexible catheter is inserted through a vein or artery (usually the femoral vein) into the heart for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

    5 Congenital Heart Disease Nursing Care Plans

    Here are five (5) nursing care plans (NCP) for congenital heart diseases:

    5 Deep Vein Thrombosis Nursing Care Plans

    The nursing care plan for the client with deep vein thrombosis include: providing information regarding disease condition, treatment, and prevention; assessing and monitoring anticoagulant therapy; providing comfort measures; positioning the body and encouraging exercise; maintaining adequate tissue perfusion; and preventing complications.

    4 Hypovolemic Shock Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care for patients with Hypovolemic Shock focuses on assisting with treatment aimed at the cause of the shock and restoring intravascular volume. Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for Hypovolemic Shock:

    5 Cardiogenic Shock Nursing Care Plans

    The nursing care plan in clients with cardiogenic shock involves careful assess the client...Here are five (5) nursing care plans (NCP) for cardiogenic shock:

    6 Pacemaker Therapy Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care plan for patients with artificial pacemakers involves the monitoring, prevention of common complications, and preventing dislodgement. Here are six (6) pacemaker therapy nursing care plans.

    7 Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Nursing Care Plans

    Myocardial infarction (MI) or acute myocardial infarction (AMI) commonly known as heart attack happens when there is marked reduction or loss of blood flow through one or more of the coronary arteries, resulting in cardiac muscle ischemia and necrosis. Here are 7 nursing care plans for it.

    3 Cardiac Arrhythmia (Digitalis Toxicity) Nursing Care Plans

    A cardiac arrhythmia is any disturbance in the normal rhythm of the electrical excitation of the heart. Here are 3 Cardiac Arrhythmia (Digitalis Toxicity) Nursing Care Plans