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Frieda Paton is a registered nurse. Her career path leading to working at a national nurse's association and as a nurse educator inspired her passions for research, writing, professional development and nursing issues.
Nurse Practitioner

Study: Increasing Use of Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care

Over the past decade, the use of nurse practitioners (NP’s) in primary care has grown considerably, especially in underserved rural areas.
Dr. Isabelle Skinner appointed as new CEO of ICN. Image via: abc.net.au

Australian Nurse, Dr. Isabelle Skinnner, Appointed as New CEO at ICN

The appointment of Dr. Isabelle Skinner, a nurse from Australia, as Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Nurses was announced on June 4.
ICN Calls for Better Pay of World's Nurses to Make Profession More Attractive

ICN Calls for Better Pay of World’s Nurses to Make Profession More Attractive

With a fall in purchasing power, world's nurses need a pay rise and better working conditions, according to a new report.

Anonymous ‘Florence Smith’ Rallies New Zealand Nurses

Two anonymous New Zealand nurses have again demonstrated the value of social media in mobilizing nurses to make their voice heard.

‘Nurse Virginia’ Tribute by ZDoggMD Gets to the Heart of Nursing

“Nurse Virginia” is his musical tribute to all nurses “the unsung heroes of healthcare”. Well, I guess with this very special song they are no longer “unsung”!

Nursing Beyond Nurses: Celebrating Health Care Support Workers

How often do we stop to think about how healthcare support workers help to make our lives as nurses, and those of our patients, easier? 
Female reporter or journalist at press conference, writing notes, holding microphones

Woodhull Study Revisited: Nurses Still Invisible in Media

No one is talking about nurses, the work we do or listening to what we have to say. The conclusion that, after two decades, nurses remain invisible in health news.

Thousands of Nursing Applicants are Rejected Amidst Growing Nurse Shortage

Nursing schools across the USA are turning away thousands of qualified applicants every year while the demand for nurses is already outstripping the supply.
11 Nursing Appreciation Quotes from World Leaders

11 Nursing Appreciation Quotes from World Leaders

The message of the value and need for nurses has also come through clearly over the past year in worldwide initiatives, reports, and statements by world and healthcare leaders.

ICN: ‘Nurses a Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right’

“Nurses a Voice to Lead – Health is a...