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Frieda Paton is a registered nurse. Her career path leading to working at a national nurse's association and as a nurse educator inspired her passions for research, writing, professional development and nursing issues.
Professional Networking - What Nurses Need to Know

Professional Networking Tips for Nurses to Advance Their Careers

What is a career network and how do nurses go about networking to land that ideal job or advance your career in other ways?
4 Hardest Parts of Nursing Schoolvideo

4 Hardest Parts of Nursing School

Alexis Nicole shares tips on how to handle the 4 hardest parts of nursing school!
Nursing School Study Tips

6 Study Tips and Strategies to Survive and Succeed in Nursing School

Here are some nursing school tips you need to learn and study habits you need to form if you want to survive and succeed in nursing school.
What to Expect in Nursing School?video

What to Expect in Nursing School?

Want to know what to expect from nursing school - from the perspective of someone who has been through it recently? This video is for you.

Nursing in the US is a Great Career Choice

Facts and figures show that becoming a nurse in America is an excellent career choice.

Nurse’s Dream of a Bereavement Suite Realized After Many Years

Where do families at your hospital receive the news that their loved one has passed away?
Patient Sleeping With Nurse Standing By

Nursing Team Initiative Reduces Noise in ICU

The constant high levels of noise in intensive care units hurt patient recovery as it can cause to sleep deprivation, increased pain perception and even heightened delirium.

ICN Calls for Safe Nurse Staffing

Improved patient outcomes are dependent on safe nurse staffing levels as well as not substituting registered nurses with lower qualified categories of nurses and support staff.

Safe Nurse Staffing Accord Signed at New Zealand Parliament

On July 30, an accord was signed between the Ministry of Health, the District Health Boards (DHBs) and the New Zealand Nurses Organization (NZNO) to ensure that a sophisticated tool for determining staffing needs would be implemented by DHBs across the board by 2021.
New York Nurses

New York City to Pay Nurses $20.8 Million in Historic Gender-Discrimination Suit

A battle of more than a decade against the City of New York to recognize of nursing as physically taxing work culminated on July 18.