3 Cataracts Nursing Care Plans

Developing a nursing care plan for cataract patients requires a thorough understanding of the nursing diagnosis for this condition. Learn about common nursing diagnoses for cataracts and how they can be used to improve patient outcomes. Discover assessment, planning, and intervention strategies for cataract nursing care plans.

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a gradually developing opacity of the lens or lens capsule of the eye. This condition occurs when the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, leading to blurred or distorted vision, and can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. Cataracts can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and certain medical conditions, and may require surgical intervention to restore vision. The prognosis is generally good and surgery improves vision in 95% of affected people.

Nursing Care Plans and Management

Treatment of cataracts consists of surgical extraction of the cataractous lens opacity and intraoperative correction of visual deficits. The current trend is to perform the surgery as a same-day procedure. Nursing care revolves around patient education before and after surgery and providing safety.

Nursing Problem Priorities

The following are the nursing priorities for patients with cataracts:

  • Assess and recognize cataracts
  • Educate patients about cataracts
  • Monitor visual acuity and limitations
  • Provide support for visual function optimization
  • Coordinate referrals for surgical evaluation
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