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35+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Ideas and Tips

Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week, graduation, Christmas holidays, birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide help you find the perfect gifts for nurses!

10 Doses of Inspiration for Nurses Working on Christmas Day

To help lift your spirits, here are some special messages that have been sent to nurses to show that what you do is appreciated; and also some uplifting stories and views from nurses about working on Christmas day.

When Nurses Have to Work on Christmas Day

Your heart is in your boots when you leave the family and head to work on Christmas morning and you might even feel a bit angry and resentful. Why is this day so different from any other day?

5 Ways Nurses Can Stick With Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Here are five easy ways nurses can stick with eating healthy this holiday.

Christmas Magic: A Nurse’s Christmas Story That’ll Warm Your Heart

Christmas magic can be felt in many places this time of year. Unless you’re a nurse.

5 Perks Nurses Working On Holidays Get

Here are five benefits you’ll get if you aren’t asked to take the holidays off.

12 Hours of Nursing (Shift) Christmas

Here is a compiled list of the best nursing Christmas gifts, in a Christmas carol!

A Nurse’s Guide to Making Patients’ Holidays Better

Besides other than providing genuine care and helping them get healthy (so they can spend the holidays at home) here are other means you can do to cheer them up:

4 Ways Nurses Can Cope with Holiday Scheduling

Here are four ways to help nurses cope with holiday schedules.

5+ Nursing Christmas Decor Ideas That Are Fun and Easy

Here are some amazing DIY nursing Christmas decorations and ornaments you can try.