Activity Intolerance Nursing Care Plans

Activity Intolerance and Generalized Weakness Nursing Care Plan and Management

Nurses play a vital role in recognizing and caring for patients with general weakness or intolerance to activity. Whether it’s due to a patient’s recent surgery or chronic condition, decreased tolerance to activity can greatly impact a their ability to perform daily tasks and their overall well-being. You can use this nursing care plan guide for generalized weakness to help you create nursing interventions and nursing diagnosis for this condition.

Physical Mobility & Immobility Nursing Care Plan and Management

Utilize this comprehensive nursing care plan and management guide to provide effective care for patients with mobility impairments or immobility. This guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge to conduct thorough nursing assessments, implement evidence-based nursing interventions, establish appropriate goals, and identify relevant nursing diagnoses associated with immobility. By utilizing this guide, you will enhance your ability to manage and support patients with mobility challenges, promoting their overall well-being and functional independence.