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5 Nursing Personalities: Which One Are You?

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Nursing isn’t exactly an easy job. It involves long hours, spending a ton of time on your feet, working in a fast-paced environment, the ability to make fast decisions, and going long hours without a break. They are on the front lines of healthcare and deal with all types of medical personnel from housekeepers to doctors to administrators. They battle through sleep deprivation, time away from family, all types of bodily fluid from patients, and lifting and moving patients. There are different personality types in every profession, and nursing is no different. All types of people tackle their nursing duties, and some do it differently than others. With each personality profile, they are identified differently but tackle the same tasks.

The Caretaker

Nurses tend to be maternal beings, hence their draw to a profession where their primary job is to take care of others. However, some nurses wear this badge more than many others. Nurses that are caretakers go above and beyond that of caring for their patients. The caretaker is the nurse you find making sure all the other nurses are fed, giving the residents advice and a pat on the back, and bringing brownies for the patient’s family members that don’t leave the hospital. They are the nurses that hide their own discomfort and make sure the people around them are doing okay and taking care of everyone else over themselves.

The Hard-ass

The hard-ass nurse seems like the opposing side of the caretaker in that their methods are a little stricter and slightly less nurturing. But, don’t be fooled, their intent is the same as any other nurse. The hard-ass nurse might not hold your hand and help you through a difficult procedure, but they will push you to be your best and not allow you to question yourself. If it’s tough love versus nurturing love for the hard-ass nurse, they will choose the tough love every time. They will push patients to reach their potential, provide encouragement for other stressed out nurses, and be direct with patient family members as well as doctors to get things done.

The Student

The student is the nurse that is new on the job or more timid than most. They tend to be a bit overwhelmed by the demands of the nursing profession and, fresh out of nursing school, tend to be anxious about doing things by the book and messing up. Nursing students go to school for years and are filled with a ton of information, have some experience with clinicals, and are tested on everything. Usually, the caretaker or teacher takes the student under their wing in order to make them more confident and sure of themselves. The student is observant and always trying to learn. They soak up their surroundings like a sponge and utilize their real-life experience with pleasure.

The Robot

The robot is a nurse that isn’t fazed by anything. Covered in bodily fluids, faced with a life or death procedure, yelled at by other staff members, worked all day without a break, dealing with a patient that abuses the call light, faced with losing a patient, and they are still on their game. No amount of emotion, stress, or physical ailment deters them from their path or affects their work. They are filled with medical information and can utilize it at any moment, no matter the circumstances. Robot nurses are like the superheroes of the nursing world. We all know a few that can handle anything with finesse.

The Teacher

The teacher is sort of like the hard-ass and the caretaker all in one. They will take anyone under their wing and teach them what they need to know to make their lives easier. They will help residents complete difficult procedures, medical assistants learn to complete various tasks like recording vital signs, and take the extra time to explain a confusing diagnosis to a patient and their family. They enjoy imparting wisdom and don’t find it cumbersome to help another medical professional in need. These nurses thrive on sharing their knowledge and enjoy helping patient and fellow nurses alike.

Being a nurse requires a whole slew of personality traits in order to do the healthcare professionals that they are. They must be intelligent, adaptable, and able to work in high-stress environments. However, some of these traits are learned while on the job. It’s natural to feel insecure when starting any job, and especially one that involves the health of other people. Each of these five nurse personalities is present at any hospital, and each one is necessary to the floor and adds to the personality of the nursing staff as a whole. It’s important to know who to go to when you need a hug, and who to go to when you need some tough love. 


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