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Monica Florita, R.N.

Monica Florita is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She worked in hospitals before deciding to be an Occupational Health nurse. She considered writing a hobby as useful in imparting knowledge and inspiration to members the nursing profession.

15 Undeniable Signs You Live With a Nurse

These are undeniable signs (and their corresponding basis) that there is a ‘nurse invasion’ happening in your home.

Expert Nurse vs. Newbie Nurse: 4 Crucial Things Nurses Gain and Lose Over Time

What are the things new nurses can teach us? Let’s take a look at these pieces of advice from both new and experienced nurses.

8 Frustrating Work Scenarios Nurses Can Relate To

We have experiences that make us distinctive, that even if mixed with other professions, we can identify who are the great nurses based on the focus of the conversation.

12 Outdated Nursing Practices

Let’s go inside a time machine and travel back before to see the practices we don’t do (hopefully for good) anymore.

15 Hilarious Behaviors You Developed as a Nurse

As experts in our own field, these hilarious behaviors might make others grin and shake their head in disbelief. In return we can say, “I know, I know… It’s because I’m a nurse.”

6 Amusing Kinds of Patients and How Nurses Can Approach Them

Knowing the different kinds of patients makes us familiar on how to approach them. Although not all are easy to deal with, nonetheless most are worth the exhaustive and sleepless shifts.

5 Effective Ways How Nurses Can Survive Heartbreaks

Though it hurts, for heartbroken nurses out there, here are practical ways on how to ease your heartaches in experiencing patient loss.

5 Fascinating Disney Characters That Portray a Nurse

What Disney characters best portray the nurses you worked with? Let’s take a look at this list and go back to once upon a time.

5 Alternative and Unexpected Career Choices For Nurses

If there isn’t a nursing career in the world, where can we find our nurses? Here are some surprising suggestions.

7 ‘What Nurses As Medical Equipment Be Like…’

Let’s work our imagination and compare what traits of a nurse can be associated with these set of equipment.