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15 Undeniable Signs You Live With a Nurse

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By Monica Florita, R.N.

May he be a relative, a friend or a partner, these signs can make your visitor stop and realize, “Hey, you got a nurse in the house, right?”

These are undeniable signs (and their corresponding basis) that there is a nurse invasion happening in your home:

1. Basis: According to the nurse, “Your hands are dirtier than the toilet bowl.”

Sign: Household members sing the “Happy Birthday” song during handwashing.

You probably have this hanging above any faucet in your house.
You probably have this hanging above any faucet in your house.

Is your washroom looking like a hotel or a shopping mall because of the proper handwashing procedures in the wall? If yes, then it’s surely a nurse’s fault. At least there’s no checklist of the hourly cleaning schedule of the bathroom.

2. Basis: According to the nurse, “Home is where sterility continues.”

Sign: You have been instructed to open a casserole and placing it on the table with the cover upside down, and also well taught to the rule in an operating room: sterile to sterile, non-sterile to non-sterile. Even in changing soiled bed linens, it does apply.

3. Basis: According to the nurse, “The five-second rule for fallen food isn’t applicable to you.”

Atleast the germs are respecting the rule.
Atleast the germs are respecting the rule.

Sign: The children don’t fall for the five-second rule. The story of germs shocked with the dropped food that’s why they avoid it for five seconds seemed true for your neighbors, but you know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Free from germs.

4. Basis: According to the nurse, “I love cleaning up messes I didn’t make…so I become a nurse.”

Sign: There is a scheduled disinfection of the car, house, and even her husband’s workspace. Well at least once a week, during your off, when you’re not sleeping.

5. Basis: According to the nurse, “The bed is the most important thing of the house.”

Sign: It’s not the kitchen, not the living room, especially for a night shift nurse who had a code a minute before the end of her shift. A nice comfortable bed is a heaven at home.

6. Basis: According to the nurse, “The only problem I encountered in my wardrobe is what to wear when it’s my day off, the rest is guaranteed.”

what to wear

Sign: Half of their wardrobe at home is full of scrub suits, and they still keep wondering what they will wear for the day. They say it’s difficult to have to clothe as comfortable as their scrubs.

7. Basis: According to the nurse, “Oh it’s just a small wound, I can handle that.”


Sign: If you have a nurse in the house, you only go to the doctor when you’re bleeding heavily (monthly period not included)…or dying. Aside from that, they can confidently handle situations at home. Suck it up.

8. Basis: According to the nurse, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Sign: And then you never really knew when they would be back. You’ll be asleep by then.

Nurses have the tightest schedule in town. Some work an 8 to 12-hour shift. Rotating shifts are worst. You can’t even feel them since you sleep when they work and they go to bed when you work. A husband of a nurse jokingly said, “I feel like a single parent when she’s on duty.”

9. Basis: According to the nurse, “Listen. If you don’t want to, pretend to listen still.”

Sign: The housemates are great listeners of any gross stories nurses typically encounter at work. And the hard part is they never had the right timing of telling it. What’s wrong with meal times? So if you have a nurse in the house, you have a durable ear and a strong stomach.

10. Basis: According to the nurse, “We will just pay the bills and go home. I promise.”

Sign: Nurses are good in multitasking so when you get out of the house with her, expect lots of things to do.

If she asked you to drive her to pay bills, hope that that’s not the last of it. You’ll  go shopping with her, do grocery, visit friends all within a single day because they don’t have the luxury of having so much time.

11. Basis: According to the nurse, “Don’t be confused. You already know where you came from, honey.” (Speaking to her child)

Sign: You know the medical terms for reproductive organs and where you came from is not a secret.

If you have a nurse in the family, medical terms are usually overheard and you are way informed compared to your playmates when you are curious about it. You might as well surprise your science teacher when you were young.

12. Basis: According to the nurse, “My son overcome the fear of people wearing all white by seeing me every day going to work.”

Sign: If you can see a woman in white going in and out of your house, you would probably be afraid of any color except white. You are even going to the hospitals for some playtime!

13. Basis: According to the nurse, “Vaccinations are usually done in the house, no need to go to hospitals to pay for it.”

Sign: You can save from the vaccination costs by having a nurse in the house. You will either be immune to injections or be sick all the time.

14. Basis: According to the nurse, “If you need something for cutting, the bandage scissor is in the kitchen, the Mayo in the bedroom.”


Sign: You know these stuff because it is present in your house, as a better alternative for your home supplies. A Mayo scissor can be used for an art project. It’s sturdier and more reliable, and can be termed as “heavy duty.” You even believed it could be bought in your local store. At least that’s what you know before.

15. Basis: Upon opening the sink, you can find hospital grade cleaners.

Sign: Your nurse just wants the best, what’s wrong with these cleaners? The only side effect is that the house may smell like a hospital, at least it’s germ-free.

If you’re not familiar with these signs, now is the time to be aware. And if you are already experiencing these,  then it’s no wonder you truly have a treasure in your home- your humble nurse.

Monica Florita is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She worked in hospitals before deciding to be an Occupational Health nurse. She considered writing a hobby as useful in imparting knowledge and inspiration to members the nursing profession.

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