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7 ‘What Nurses As Medical Equipment Be Like…’

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By Monica Florita, R.N.

Hospitals employ competent nurses and purchase efficient machines to aid in rendering effective health care services. Both are important in the health care setting. But what if, nurses are turned into equipment? Will they be as efficient as the machine works? Or will they exceed its capacity? How are nurses as defibrillators, ECG, or even an ampoule breaker? Let’s work our imagination and compare what traits of a nurse can be associated with these set of equipment.

1. Nurses as Defibrillators

Even a layman knows what a defibrillator can do. A Defibrillator saves a life by analyzing the heart rhythm of a pulseless victim (cardiac arrest) and if ventricular fibrillation is present, shocks the victim in an attempt to restore a normal heart rhythm.


Same with nurses, they do a process of analyzing patient’s health status by assessing the kind of care they need. If the patient requires quality care, Voila! We automatically shock them with our skills. Another thing is that nurses, as they say, have the best-looking individuals among others. Another reason to celebrate right? If that is so, then nurses are really killers, they can shock everyone with their deadly looks and skills in giving the best quality of care.

Did you shock anyone today?

2. Nurses as Electrocardiograms

Electrocardiogram machines record the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time. ECG machines monitor the overall rhythm of the heart and identify any abnormalities allowing providers to diagnose normal and abnormal rhythms of the heart while patients are in the hospital.



Remember your PQRST? The ups and downs of life? Nurses too are like ECG machines. They undergo the best and worst scenarios in life. For every child they help deliver in this world, there are those who can’t have one. For every geriatric patient they attend, their own parents are left sick at home. For every overtime they need to render, precious bonding hours are lost with their family. Okay, it’s sad, and I don’t mean to make you cry. Bear in mind that the happy moments are not intensified without the sad ones. Experiencing both makes us alive and kicking. You don’t want to be a flat ECG, do you?

3. Nurses as Mechanical Ventilators

VIP_Bird2 (1)

Mechanical ventilators are life support to maintain patient’s bodily function. Same as nurses, we are considered patient’s life support in the situations they are into. The support nurses give their patients serves as their treasured lifeline. Some patients can’t help but be dependent on nurses, and even the smallest thing for us may become their greatest hope in life.

Like a ventilator who adjusts its functionality to supply patient’s necessities, nurses too are flexible when it comes to the particular needs of their patients. You want them to be strict; they can be strict. You need empathy they can give it. They can be flexible and will do what’s the best for their patients.

Also, nurses too are like mechanical ventilators who emit a sound when something is not right. This sound from nurses alerts the team. Communicating with the team on the patient’s condition makes nurses like mechanical ventilators. Great nurses are patient advocates, ready to support all the way.

4. Nurses as Stress Test Systems

Stress systems test the body beyond normal levels to know its response. It is often tested to depict a health condition not observable under normal circumstances. Stress testing is also used to determine circulation and cardiac function during maximum physical exertion.


Am I the only one who thinks this is a nurse’s specialty? Nurses handle stressful situations very well. Often people around them feel free to express their problems and concerns thinking they can understand because they learned how to manage them. Are those people correct? At times, yes. Nurses are excellent at handling stress levels to the point that even if they are experiencing it, it doesn’t show. Nurses are brave people but don’t give them stress, or they will return it three-fold back to you. No. It’s not an exaggeration.

5. Nurses are Ampoule Breakers

An ampoule breaker is a simple safer way to open glass ampoules and avoid painful and dangerous sharps injuries.


Yes! Nurses make things easier and safer for patients. The reason nursing is a noble profession is because they sacrifice their safety just to make others safe. They give you care at the expense of theirs. They break everything that may harm patients in the process. Even their own sleep pattern or meal time or rest days can be broken for the patient’s welfare. Why? Excellent nurses have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They can feel compassion and provide comfort. But be prepared for the occasional period of compassion fatigue; it happens to the greatest of nurses. So for nurses out there, break a leg!

6. Nurses as Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound Machine (1)

Diagnostic ultrasound systems provide a painless method of examining the internal body without the use of radiation making it safe for identifying internal abnormalities.

Exceptional nurses can detect the presence, or even before problems arise. Since they are excellent in assessment (I assumed you are, don’t think about others), they can detect the illness of a person by inspection, palpation, percussion or auscultation. Even outside the hospital, nurses are a good judge of characters. They see the best in everybody. They even have to treat wounded enemies fairly and with respect. They can pass as heroes, right? Save one life you’re a hero, save a thousand lives you’re a nurse. Salute for all nurses! You’ll have your monument someday, I believe.

7. Nurses as Crash Carts

crash cart

Crash carts contain the necessary medicines and equipment used in life threatening situations. A good nurse is always prepared. A quick and precise response is another skill you can never take out of them. Nurses save lives with their efficient management. Like crash carts, they are accessible and reachable during emergency cases. Just don’t piss them and they will “crash” you. Ooops! Just kidding.

We cannot really compare a machine to a human. But since nurses are superb and excel at what they do, even machines can’t be leveled to their abilities. Now that we know the characteristics of a nurse and how they are compared to equipment be proud of yourself and take a selfie with your favorite equipment. Anyway, what equipment are you?

Monica Florita is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She worked in hospitals before deciding to be an Occupational Health nurse. She considered writing a hobby as useful in imparting knowledge and inspiration to members the nursing profession.

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