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Inspirational, thought-provoking nursing stories written by nurses.


What would you do in this situation?

Motherhood Stories: 4 Lessons Nurses Can Learn From Being a Mother

How could a nurse and mom juggle the different responsibilities and major changes that come hand in hand with these two diverse yet so similar roles?

Choosing Death Over Life is Choosing Life Itself

With dying patients, it is inevitable that the loved ones of the patient be given the option to sign a “Do Not Resuscitate” agreement.

Crying Is Not Allowed

One thing that I could never forget in the course of my nursing education was this: We are not allowed to get attached to our patients because that is against the code. We are just not allowed to show how traumatized we actually are, which is why nurses tend to hide their tears if ever the unexpected loss of their patient happened.

“Tell Me How You Feel.”

“Tell me how you feel”. A very common question every nurse asks every patient. Each time we go on duty we shift into auto mode.

That One Patient with a Bullet in His Lungs

There will always be that one patient that nurses will always remember…

Hope at the End of the Tunnel

As health care providers we seem to have forgotten the natural cycle of life. Life is beautiful and should be celebrated.

My First Heartbreak as a Nurse

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that something is about to happen that you just can’t explain it?

12 Nursing Home Seniors Dress Up As Hollywood Stars for Calendar Project

Men and women of a nursing home in Germany transformed to recreate 12 movie classics in a calendar project.

Nursing: Treating People Beyond Medications

We have all had our bitter experiences in a hospital; sometimes for simple accidents, sometimes for infection or fevers or even for some minor surgery. But no matter what the reason may be, almost all of us would instantly agree that the factor that brought us back to good health, more than the medications, was nursing.