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7 Joys of Nursing School

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Before I entered nursing school, I was such a naive teenager that I had not enough clue how fascinating the program is. So gullible was I, too, that I pursued it merely by the suggestion of my parents without even doing research on how it’s like to be a student nurse. Nevertheless, the idea of becoming a registered nurse made me excited and driven during those times (I had serious ambitions when I was younger). And that may also be the case for some young people out there who plan to take up nursing — they might have the lack of realistic concept about nursing just like I was.

Now, I’ve already written about the immense challenges that student nurses will face in nursing school, but I figured that it’s not that all painful to discuss only the difficulties. The nursing program is fun and rewarding in many ways, and the mission of this article is to inform of that fact. So for that reason, here are some of the priceless joys in studying nursing.

1. It broadens a student’s understanding and appreciation of life.

Via: Nursing Quotes
Via: Nursing Quotes

Firstly, Nursing is a healthcare profession that is concerned with saving lives. By studying it, you will gradually develop an insight in the preservation of life. With that, you’ll begin to respect the welfare of others with integrity. Such instinct in a student nurse depicts broader understanding of life’s worth, and it’s just wonderful to possess.

2. It provides useful knowledge on health promotion and sickness prevention.

This is one of the perks that I esteem as a nursing graduate. As you embark on the nursing program, you will tackle interesting subjects related to the functioning of the human body. You will explore how we thrive and deteriorate; which external factors could impair or repair our systems. Eventually, you will be instructed how to manage and avoid certain conditions or injuries. You will gain wisdom about how medicines work too.

3. It trains you to become caring and compassionate.

I find it a great privilege to learn about the art and science of caring, especially given the fact that it is something you can offer to your loved ones and others. You’d get it in nursing school if you just make sure to study the program by heart, and as a result, you will develop a sense of compassion as well.

4. It teaches the ways of altruism, patience, and responsibility.

Nurse Talking To Senior Woman

This is because caring is an act of benevolence and by doing so, you’ll also have to take responsibility and practice patience towards people. In addition to that, studying together with other student nurses who share the same passion in caring will encourage these values.

5. It gives an awareness of how the healthcare system operates.

Even as a student nurse you’ll get to familiarize yourself with the functions of other healthcare professionals. You’ll have the chance to communicate and collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, and medical technicians to name a few. You will observe how the healthcare team work together to provide care and treatment.

6. It will take you to places.

Nursing is an adventure. It is not only confined to having clinicals inside hospitals. You’ll travel to different areas such as communities and schools to undergo related learning experiences.

7. It makes you more human.

Close up of a nurse touching hand of a patient in hospital ward

For the adventure that the nursing program is, you’ll meet many people from all walks of life. In addition to taking care of them, you’ll also serve as an advocate, an educator, a change agent, and even a leader. From these nursing roles, you will be immersed in diverse ways of living. You’ll assimilate peoples background, present condition, and goals. If that doesn’t make one more human, I don’t know what does.

The path to becoming a nurse may be demanding, but it can never be boring. Along the way, you’ll find happiness and fulfillment by simply being privileged to care, to connect, and make significant changes for the better of another human being. Whenever you find yourself weary in your clinicals or classes, it’s good to be reminded of these joys that you may continue to experience as a nurse.

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