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Sen. Walsh's cards received in the mail, April 23rd, 2019.

Senator’s ‘Playing Cards’ Remark Unleashes the Power of Nurses’ Collective Voice

Nurses stepped up with outrage, advocacy, and rallies after Sen. Walsh’s comments about nurses’ playing cards. Largely as a result of the profession’s advocacy, the bill under debate was passed without the amendments proposed by Walsh and accepted by the Senate.

MINT Group Uses Social Media to Attract Men Into Nursing

A group of nursing students and lecturers in the UK launched a unique project to attract more men into the profession.
Sen. Maureen Walsh. Image via: Tri-City Herald

Nurses Outraged by Senator’s ‘Playing Cards’ Remark

Nurses from all corners of the world are up in arms against State Senator Maureen Walsh for her condescending statement that some nurses probably spend a considerable part of their workday playing cards.
celebrating nurses voice

Work Environment Affects Nurses’ Job and Patient Outcomes

A comprehensive study has confirmed that across the world, the environment in which nurses’ work influences the quality of nursing care, nurses’ job outcomes and patient well-being.
Emilia Clarke for Nursing Now Campaign as an Ambassador for Nurses

Emilia Clarke Becomes a Nursing Now Ambassador

Popular actress Emilia Clarke was announced on March 14 as First Ambassador for the global Nursing Now Campaign.
Top Nursing Schools

Top Graduate Nursing Schools in the US for 2020

U.S. News recently released a ranking of the top graduate programs in nursing.
New York State Nurses Association on Strike

Thousands of Nurses in New York City Authorize Strike Action

Nurses at three hospital systems in New York City voted by an overwhelming margin of 97% to authorize a strike action
WHO launches smartphone app to screen for hearing loss

WHO Launches Smartphone App to Screen for Hearing Loss

Check your hearing on your smartphone with the new HearWHO screening app. Use it to screen your family, friends, and patients as well. Help identify, prevent, treat and manage hearing loss.
Emergency nurses working on a patient rushing

ER Nurses Should Assess Patients for In-home Firearm Risks

Do you ask at-risk patients in about access to firearms in the home? Do you believe that you could do this and that it is important for the future safety of your patients?
Radonda Vaught-Vanderbilt Nurse

Ex-Vanderbilt Nurse Charged with Reckless Homicide Pleads Not Guilty

The homicide charge against Radonda Vaught for a medication error sets a dangerous precedent for the future of the health care professions and patient safety. This has led to unprecedented support for RaDonda from the nursing profession and others.