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    Nurses’ ‘Fixation’ on Equipment Largely to Blame for Toddler’s Death

    Nurses’ errors were found during an inquest to be largely to blame for the death of a 3-year old boy Aidan Mara.

    Australian Nurses Launch Extensive Campaign for Aged Care Staffing Ratios

    The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) has is launching a wide-spread public awareness campaign -  “Ratios for aged care make them law. Now!”. 

    Want to Nurse Abroad? 6 Things You Must to Know

    The following are some of the downsides which have been reported in research and discussions on the web.

    Vivian Bullwinkel: The Nurse Who Survived Hell

    How do you deal with life, especially during those times, when the good and the bad happened to you all at the same time?