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Elizabeth Wettlaufer Murders: Report Shows Gaps in System

The public inquiry into how serial killer, former registered nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, got away with her crimes placed the blame on systemic failures. The report includes extensive recommendations to prevent similar tragedies in the future. 

Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Murders: Did the System Fail the Patients?

Wettlaufer was found guilty of 8 counts of murder, 4 counts of attempted murder and 2 cases of aggravated assault against elderly patients by injecting them with insulin.

Calls for More Men to Join Nursing is Becoming a Global Trend

Reports on actions to recruit more men into the profession are seen in the media across the globe.

Young Volunteer Nurses Help Rave Audiences Stay Safe

Through Project Safe Audience (PSA) a group of young volunteer nurses are helping to reduce high-risk behavior amongst their peers partying at raves in the city of Winnipeg, Canada.

Nursing Now: Global Campaign to Give Nurses the Role and Recognition They Deserve

Nurses everywhere, as well as policymakers and the public, are encouraged to support the Nursing Now campaign to raise the profile and status of nurses and nursing worldwide.