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Chest X-ray (Chest Radiography)

Chest X-ray (Chest radiography, CXR) is one of the most frequently performed radiological examination. This study guide can help nurses understand their tasks and responsibilities during a chest x-ray.


Intussusception is a process in which a segment of intestine invaginates into the adjoining intestinal lumen, causing bowel obstruction.

Patient Tubes: NGT, Chest, and Tracheostomy NCLEX Practice Quiz (15 items)

This 15-item practice questions will increase your knowledge on the nursing care and management of different client tubes: chest tubes, tracheostomy tubes, and nasogastric tubes.

Nasogastric Intubation

For most patients who cannot attain an adequate oral intake from food, oral nutritional supplements, or who cannot eat and drink safely, they may be given proper nutrition via nasogastric tube feeding.