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US States Implement Emergency Measures to Recruit Staff

The majority of US states have made emergency provisions to waive or ease licensing requirements to meet the challenge of nursing shortages created by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Mary Eliza Mahoney: The First African American Qualified Nurse

For Black History Month, get to know Mary Eliza Mahoney became the first professionally qualified black nurse in 1879.

New York City to Pay Nurses $20.8 Million in Historic Gender-Discrimination Suit

A battle of more than a decade against the City of New York to recognize of nursing as physically taxing work culminated on July 18.

Tribute to Nurse Anna Mae Hays: First Female General in the US Army

Anna May Hays started her career in the US Army as a frontline nurse in WWII. She is the first female general in the US army. As a forward-looking leader, she steered the ANC through an era of rapid modernization and used her influence to improve service conditions for all women in the armed forces.

New York State Passes ‘BSN in 10’ Into Law for Nurses

A bill was signed into law in New York State requiring nurses with a two-year associate degree or a diploma to obtain a baccalaureate degree within 10 years of being licensed.

License Suspended for Nurse Who Reused Syringes

The nurse who reused flu shot syringes that put 67 patients at risk for HIV and hepatitis at a pharmaceutical company, voluntarily surrendered her license according to New Jersey official on Thursday.