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Collection of different nursing cheat sheets to help student nurses master nursing concepts faster and in a “smarter” way!

Check out our nursing cheat sheets for nursing assessment, nursing lab values, and more all downloadable via PDF!

List of Common Drugs and Their Antidotes That Nurses Should Know!

Common Drugs and Their Antidotes

The following are antidotes that should be familiarized by the nurse to respond to this emergency situation quickly.

How to Assess Cranial Nerves? Cranial Nerves Assessment Form

Assessment of the cranial nerves are inevitable in making case studies or family cases analysis. Cranial nerves assessment can be tedious and sometimes we forget how to do assess a nerve. With that problem, NursesLabs will give you a "Cranial Nerve Assessment form" to help you document your cranial nerves assessment easily and accurately.

Heart Arrhythmias Cheat Sheet

We are proud to present a printable cheat sheet which you can use as a guide to help you understand dysrhytmias better. There is also a download link below to be used for PDFs:
Hospital Diets for Patients

Hospital Diets for Select Disease Conditions

Here's a simple list to help nurses determine what is the recommended hospital diet and food intake or restrictions to each disease/condition: