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Ida Jean Orlando: Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

Ida Jean Orlando developed her Deliberative Nursing Process that allows nurses to formulate an effective nursing care plan that can also be easily adapted when and if any complexity come up with the patient.

Hildegard Peplau: Interpersonal Relations Theory

Hildegard Peplau is a nurse theorist who created the Theory of Interpersonal Relations. Get to know Peplau's theory and biography in this nursing theories study guide. 

Nursing Process NCLEX Practice Quiz (25 Questions)

Let's test your knowledge about the nursing process with this 25-item questionnaire.

“Nursing Process Mob Dance” by San Pedro College Davao City

San Pedro College Nursing Department presents the "Nursing Process Mob Dance."

Guide to Patient Education: A Nursing Process

Health education is an essential tool for a nurse to effectively channel the patient's role for his health management.