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New York Nurses

New York City to Pay Nurses $20.8 Million in Historic Gender-Discrimination Suit

A battle of more than a decade against the City of New York to recognize of nursing as physically taxing work culminated on July 18.

Nurse Retention Calls for Strategic Policy Commitment

Retention of nurses should be just as critical as recruitment in solving the problem of nurse shortages.

Study: 12-Hour Nursing Shifts Lead to More Sick Days

Nurses were more likely to call in sick when scheduled to work a 12-hour shift, as well as significantly more likely to be absent due to illness after a series of long 12-hour shifts.

New Zealand Nurses Strike for First Time in 30 years

Across New Zealand, 30,000 nurses employed by District Health Boards (DHB) embarked on a 24-hour strike.

Nurses: We Are Always Here, Always There

The great diversity in nursing is displayed in this powerful video which is part of the largest ever recruitment campaign launched by the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom in its 70-year history.

Nursing Careers Among the ‘Best 100 Jobs in America’ with Nurse Practitioners in...

With nurse practitioners coming in at fourth place in the U.S. News.com rankings of 'The Best 100 Jobs in America' and registered nurses at 18th place, you can be assured that a career in nursing holds excellent prospects for the future.

Nurses’ ‘Fixation’ on Equipment Largely to Blame for Toddler’s Death

Nurses’ errors were found during an inquest to be largely to blame for the death of a 3-year old boy Aidan Mara.
Nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Murders_ Did the System Fail the Patients_

Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Murders: Did the System Fail the Patients?

Wettlaufer was found guilty of 8 counts of murder, 4 counts of attempted murder and 2 cases of aggravated assault against elderly patients by injecting them with insulin.

UK Removes Visa Cap Limiting the Number of Overseas Nurses and Doctors

The United Kingdom announced recently that it was excluding doctors and nurses from the Tier 2 visa cap which applies to skilled workers from outside the European Union.
Nurse Michael Ketterer’s Touching and Triumphant Performance in America’s Got Talentvideo

Nurse Michael Ketterer’s Touching and Triumphant Performance in America’s Got Talent

Michael Ketterer, a pediatric mental health nurse, was awarded the Golden Buzzer after a show-stopping performance during America’s Got Talent auditions.

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