DOH Maternal Health Program

DOH Maternal Health Program

The Maternal Health Program is a set of actions and services administered by the DOH to aid women before, during and after pregnancy.
Food Fortification Program in the Philippines (RA 8976)

Food Fortification Program in the Philippines (RA 8976)

The Food Fortification Program is the Philippine government's response to the growing micronutrient malnutrition, which has been prevalent in the country for the past several years.

Primary Health Care (PHC) in the Philippines

Primary Health Care (PHC) is an essential health care made universally acceptable to individuals and families in the community by means acceptable to them through their full participation and at a cost that the community and country and can afford at every stage of development.

Levels of Health Care Referral System

There are 3 different levels of health care system which are primary, secondary, and tertiary. In this post, you'll get to know more about these health care systems.

Bag Technique in Nursing

The bag technique is a tool by which the nurse, during her visit will enable her to perform a nursing procedure with ease and deftness, to save time and effort with the end view of rendering effective nursing care to clients.

12 Principles of Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing (CHN) is a vital part of Public Health and there are 12 principles the govern CHN.