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    Rozzette Cabrera, R.N.

    Rozzette Cabrera is a registered nurse pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a professional writer. She spent a few years putting her profession into practice until she decided to take her chances with freelance writing over a year ago. Her life has never been the same since then.

    30 Nursing Life Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

    There are no shortcuts in providing quality nursing care, but here are some nursing life hacks for nurses to make our jobs easier.

    5 Ways You Can Deal with Lazy Nurse Co-Workers

    It’s incredibly frustrating to see your co-nurses slacking off and leaving the other nurses to pick up after them.

    7 Secrets To Achieving Better Work-Life Balance As a Nurse

    In line with this year’s Nurses Week, with the theme “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit”, here are some great tips you can use to keep up with the demands of your work without compromising your well-being.

    Feeling Pressured? 5 Ways Nurses Can Say No

    Before you agree to another demand, here are five tips on how nurses can say no.

    5 Surprising Ways To Have Fun During Nurses Week (Without Breaking The Bank)

    Here are five great ways you can celebrate Nurses week without breaking your budget.

    5 Controversial Nursing Issues Nurses Face Today

    To give you an idea of how demanding it is to be a nurse in today’s society, here are five of the biggest problems nurses are facing.

    5 Incredible Perks of Being Married to A Nurse

    If you are still unconvinced about how great it is to be married to a nurse, here are five good reasons that can change your mind.

    6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Nursing Resolutions More Attainable

    Here are six of the best ways you can make your nursing resolutions more attainable.

    5 Ways Nurses Can Stick With Eating Healthy During The Holidays

    Here are five easy ways nurses can stick with eating healthy this holiday.

    5 Perks Nurses Working On Holidays Get

    Here are five benefits you’ll get if you aren’t asked to take the holidays off.