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    18 Heart Failure Nursing Care Plans

    In this nursing care plan guide are 18 NANDA nursing diagnosis for heart failure.

    6 Hypertension Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care planning goals for a client with hypertension includes adherence to therapeutic regimen, lifestyle modifications, and prevention of complications are the focus of the nursing care for patient with hypertension. Here are six (6) hypertension nursing care plans: 

    4 Acute Glomerulonephritis Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care planning goals for the child with acute glomerulonephritis is directed toward the excretion of excess fluid through urination [...] Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for Acute Glomerulonephritis:

    4 Acute Rheumatic Fever Nursing Care Plans

    Acute rheumatic fever is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that occurs 2 to 6 weeks following an untreated or undertreated group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal infection. It affects the heart, joints, brain, and skin.

    5 Congenital Heart Disease Nursing Care Plans

    Here are five (5) nursing care plans (NCP) for congenital heart diseases:

    11 Pneumonia Nursing Care Plans

    In this guide are pneumonia nursing care plans and nursing diagnosis. Nursing care plan goals for patients with pneumonia includes measures to assist in effective coughing, maintain a patent airway, decreasing viscosity and tenaciousness of secretions, and assist in suctioning.

    4 Osteoarthritis Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care plan for clients with osteoarthritis involves relieving pain, promoting comfort measures, maintaining optimal joint function, and preventing progressive disability. Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for osteoarthritis:

    6 Preterm Labor Nursing Care Plans

    The nurse should monitor closely for signs of fetal or maternal distress, and provide comprehensive supportive care for patients with premature labor. Here are six (6) nursing care plans for preterm labor.

    Activity Intolerance Nursing Care Plan

    Use this activity intolerance nursing care plan guide to help you create nursing interventions for this nursing diagnosis.

    5 Leukemia Nursing Care Plans

    Leukemia is a malignant disorder of the blood and lymph-forming tissues of the body. Here are 5 nursing care plans for patients with Leukemia.