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4 Umbilical and Inguinal Hernia Nursing Care Plans

Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for umbilical and inguinal hernia.


Galactosemia is a recessive hereditary metabolic disorder in which the enzyme necessary to convert galactose into glucose is missing.


Scoliosis is not a simple curve to one side but, in fact, is a more complex three-dimensional deformity that often develops in childhood.

Non-Organic Failure to Thrive

Infants who fail to gain weight and who shows signs of delayed development are classified as failure-to-thrive infants.

Care of the Newborn

As their healthcare provider, we are the ones who handled them primarily the moment they were delivered, so it is up to us to give the best primary care to these little angels before we hand them over to their parents.

Breastfeeding 101

As healthcare providers, we should educate mothers on why breastfeeding should be their priority and how it can benefit both the mother and the baby.

Preparing for Childbirth: Education, Planning & Labor Pain Management

Preparing for childbirth is taxing yet wonderful, so better get yourself up and start the newest, biggest change in your family’s life

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Practice Quiz #2 (30 Questions)

The second set of questions about Maternal and Child Health Nursing. Another 30 NCLEX-style questions about the topic.