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Nervous System Anatomy and Physiology

The nervous system is involved in some way in nearly every body function. All the sensations, actions, and emotions are made possible by the nervous system, which consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and sensory receptors.

Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips

To help you understand the concepts, here are some anatomy and physiology nursing mnemonics and tips.

NCLEX Practice Exam 9 (50 Items)

Leave no stone unturned! Just like the goal of this set of 50 questions, we'll help you mold your critical thinking skills to be ready for any kind of nursing situations and of course, questions for the NCLEX.

Bell’s Palsy

Bell's palsy is a disease of the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve) that produces unilateral or bilateral facial weakness or paralysis.

How to Assess Cranial Nerves? Cranial Nerves Assessment Form

Assessment of the cranial nerves are inevitable in making case studies or family cases analysis. Cranial nerves assessment can be tedious and sometimes we forget how to do assess a nerve. With that problem, NursesLabs will give you a "Cranial Nerve Assessment form" to help you document your cranial nerves assessment easily and accurately.