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Young Nurse Advocating and Campaigning for Nurses

10 Nurse Advocacies and Campaigns You Need to Know

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights, nurse advocacy groups and campaigns to which you can support and add your voice.
2020 Year of the Nurse and Midwife

2020 as “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” endorsed by WHO executive

The World Health Organization (WHO) executive board announced on January 30 that it had accepted the proposal that 2020 be officially declared “Year of the Nurse and Midwife.”
Spotlight on the World of Nursing in 2018 

Spotlight on the World of Nursing in 2018 

During 2018, as in every year before, millions of...

ICN Calls for Safe Nurse Staffing

Improved patient outcomes are dependent on safe nurse staffing levels as well as not substituting registered nurses with lower qualified categories of nurses and support staff.

Nurse Retention Calls for Strategic Policy Commitment

Retention of nurses should be just as critical as recruitment in solving the problem of nurse shortages.
Dr. Isabelle Skinner appointed as new CEO of ICN. Image via: abc.net.au

Australian Nurse, Dr. Isabelle Skinner, Appointed as New CEO at ICN

The appointment of Dr. Isabelle Skinner, a nurse from Australia, as Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Nurses was announced on June 4.
ICN Calls for Better Pay of World's Nurses to Make Profession More Attractive

ICN Calls for Better Pay of World’s Nurses to Make Profession More Attractive

With a fall in purchasing power, world's nurses need a pay rise and better working conditions, according to a new report.

Nursing Now: Global Campaign to Give Nurses the Role and Recognition They Deserve

Nurses everywhere, as well as policymakers and the public, are encouraged to support the Nursing Now campaign to raise the profile and status of nurses and nursing worldwide.

Nursing Now Campaign To Put Global Spotlight On Nurses’ Contribution

February 27 will see the launch of the 3-year #NursingNow campaign to raise the status and profile of nursing worldwide.