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4 Pulmonary Embolism Nursing Care Plans

Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for pulmonary embolism:

4 Anaphylactic Shock Nursing Care Plans

Anaphylactic shock is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention and intervention. Nursing care management is dependent on the severity of the initial reaction and the treatment response. Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for Anaphylactic Shock:

8 Asthma Nursing Care Plans

In this guide are eight (8) NANDA nursing diagnosis for asthma nursing care plans including their nursing assessment and interventions.

Ineffective Breathing Pattern Nursing Care Plan

Use this ineffective breathing pattern nursing care plan guide to help you create nursing interventions for this nursing problem.

5 Influenza (Flu) Nursing Care Plans

Influenza doesn't require hospitalization and patient care usually focuses on the relief of symptoms. Below are the nursing care plans for patients with influenza.

3 Lymphoma Nursing Care Plans

Malignant lymphomas are cancers of the lymphoid system and include distinct entities defined by clinical, histologic, immunologic, molecular, and genetic characteristics. Here are three (3) nursing care plans for patients with Lymphomas.

3 Hemothorax and Pneumothorax Nursing Care Plans

Lung collapse may occur partially or completely because of air (pneumothorax), blood (hemothorax, or other fluids (pleural effusion) collecting in the pleural space.

8 Laminectomy (Disc Surgery) Nursing Care Plans

Laminectomy is the excision of a vertebral posterior arch and is commonly performed for injury to the spinal column or to relieve pressure/pain in the presence of a herniated disc. The procedure may be done with or without fusion of vertebrae.

8 Liver Cirrhosis Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care planning for patients with liver cirrhosis includes promoting rest, providing adequate nutrition, skin care, reducing risk for injury, and monitoring and managing complications.  Here are 8 liver cirrhosis nursing care plans (NCP):

12 Cholecystectomy Nursing Care Plans

Cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of the gallbladder. Here are 4 Cholecystectomy Nursing Care Plans.