Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Questions Nursing Test Bank (700+ Questions)


Welcome to your ultimate NCLEX practice questions and nursing test bank for mental health and psychiatric nursing. For this nursing test bank, test your knowledge on the concepts of mental health and psychiatric disorders. This quiz aims to help students and registered nurses grasp and master mental health and psychiatric nursing concepts.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Test Banks

In this section, you’ll find the NCLEX practice questions and quizzes for mental health and psychiatric nursing. This nursing test bank set includes 700+ practice questions divided into comprehensive quizzes for mental health and psychiatric nursing and a special set of questions for common psychiatric disorders. Use these nursing test banks to augment or as an alternative to ATI and Quizlet.


Quizzes included in this guide are:

  1. Comprehensive Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz #1 | 75 Questions
  2. Comprehensive Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz #2 | 75 Questions
  3. Comprehensive Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz #3 | 75 Questions
  4. Psychiatric Assessment and Fundamentals of Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing NCLEX Quiz | 50 Questions
  5. Psychiatric Medications NCLEX Practice Quiz | 75 Questions
  6. Alzheimer’s, Delirium, and Dementia NCLEX Practice Quiz | 65 Questions
  7. Anxiety Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz | 75 Questions
  8. Schizophrenia NCLEX Practice Quiz | 65 Questions
  9. Substance Abuse and Abuse NCLEX Practice Quiz | 55 Questions
  10. Personality and Mood Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz | 110 Questions


  • Read and understand each question before choosing the best answer. 
  • Since this is a review, answers and rationales are shown after you click on the "Check" button. 
  • There is no time limit, answer the questions at your own pace. 
  • Once all questions are answered, you'll be prompted to click the "Quiz Summary" button where you'll be shown the questions you've answered or placed under "Review". Click on the "Finish Quiz" button to show your rating. 
  • After the quiz, please make sure to read the questions and rationales again by click on the "View Questions" button. 
  • Comment us your thoughts, scores, ratings, and questions about the quiz in the comments section below!

Schizophrenia NCLEX Practice Quiz: 65 Questions

Here’s a 65-item quiz covering nursing care of schizophrenia and schizophrenic disorders.



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  7. I am in doubt of 43rd question of anxiety disorder
    question asking the side effect of Ritalin- the correct answer here is increased attention span and concentration. This is actually the therapeutic effect of this medication. As far as I know, the main side effect is sleeplessness. therefore, this medication should be given before noon to avoid sleeping problems.
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