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The Nightingale Pledge And Its Versions

In 1893, Lystra Gretter crafted the Nightingale Pledge, a revolutionary code that transformed nursing by embedding Florence Nightingale’s ethical standards. First adopted at Harper Hospital, it evolved to champion patient care, professionalism, and the modern values that guide nurses today.

Florence Nightingale Theory and Biography

Florence Nightingale: Environmental Theory

Get to know the concepts behind Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory in this study guide about nursing theories. Learn about Nightingale’s biography, her career, her works that shaped nursing. Next part is an in-depth discussion about her Environmental Theory, its metaparadigm, major and subconcepts, including its application to nursing practice. 

Nurse Quotes for Nurses

80 Nurse Quotes to Inspire, Motivate, and Humor Nurses

Get ready to be inspired! Dive into a collection of inspirational and humorous nursing quotes from famous nursing personalities and the ever-mysterious “anonymous.” Discover the incredible potential and impact of nursing through these words of wisdom. Sometimes, all we need is a dose of inspiration to keep us going, don’t you think?