10 Quick NCLEX Test Taking Tips

10 Quick NCLEX Test Taking Tips

Preparing to take the NCLEX test is stressful. It feels as if your life hinges on a pass or fail. You’ve dedicated 90% of the last 2-4 years of your life to preparing for this test. Don’t give up now! You have the knowledge- now it’s basically up to test-taking skills and anxiety control. Here are a few NCLEX test-taking tips to help you be successful.

1. Beware of ‘Always’ and ‘Never’

Be cautious of the ‘always’ and ‘never’ questions. Very few times does the answer include these words. It implies that there is no room for exception.

2. Watch out for Negative Modifiers

An example would be “Which of these answers is NOT the best response?”

If you miss those key words, you will likely miss the question. The correct answer could possibly be negative response.

3. Focus on the Patient


The focus of care should always been on the patient. The opinions of coworkers or physicians are not as important.

4. Safety is a priority

Patient safety is always a top priority. Safety of the patient takes precedence over patient satisfaction. The correct answer is likely the answer that addresses patient safety.

5. FIRST actions

Look for the keyword ‘first.’ All answers may be correct, but the question is what the nurse’s FIRST action should be. Don’t skim past the seemingly meaningless word.

6. Assess Before Action

When in doubt, assess the patient before acting upon on the problem. Rule of nursing-assess first!

7. Eliminate Obviously Wrong Answers

Oftentimes, there is at least one “duh” option. Eliminate those first. Then, you’re looking at a 33% chance of success.

8. Don’t Overlook Obviously Correct Answers

Sometimes, the correct answer is too easy. Consider it a freebee. The test makers are giving you a break.

9. Don’t Spend Too Much Time

Pace yourself. Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you absolutely DO NOT know the answer, give it your best guess and move on. You will have more time to answer the questions that you DO know.


10. Go with Your Gut

You are smart. You have all the knowledge that you need. DON’T change your answers unless you are 110% sure the answer that you have already selected is incorrect. Most of the time, your first instinct is correct.

So, there you have it! I hope these tips have eased a little of your test-taking anxiety. Good luck! You’ve got this!

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