How to Change a Hospital Gown for Patients with IV Line


Changing a patient’s hospital gown is needed to maintain their cleanliness and the feeling of freshness. But how can you change into a new one with an intravenous infusion line attached?

Just follow the steps below and you can be a pro in changing hospital gowns for patients with IV line.

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient.
  2. Slip the gown completely off the arm without the infusion and onto the tubing connected to the arm with the infusion.
  3. Holding the container above the client’s arm, slide the sleeve up over the container to remove the used gown.
  4. Place the clean gown sleeve for the arm with the infusion over the container as if it were an extension of the client’s arm, from the inside of the gown to the sleeve cuff.
  5. Rehang the container.
  6. Slide the gown carefully over the tubing toward the client’s hand.
  7. Guide the client’s arm and tubing into the sleeve, taking care not to pull on the tubing.
  8. Assist the client to put the other arm into the second sleeve of the gown, and fasten as usual.
  9. Count the rate of flow of the infusion to make sure it is correct before leaving the bedside.
  10. Document
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