Hair Care & Combing



Proper hair care and combing can help comfort the patient. Learn how to properly administer hair care.





  1. To the comfort of the patient.
  2. To remove tangles from the hair.
  3. To preserve or keep the hair in good condition during illness.
  4. To observe the presence of lice without the patient’s being aware of it.
  5. To prevent infection.
  6. In preparation for diagnostic procedures involving the head.


  • Patient’s bath towel
  • Hair comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Vaseline
  • Clips
  • Rubber bands or tapes


  1. Move the patient’s head near the edge of the bed, her face turned away from you.
  2. Place towel under the head of the patient extending down the chest and shoulders.
  3. Loose the hair and part it in the middle.
  4. Brush hair thoroughly.
  5. In combing or brushing, comb small stands at a time. Hold the strand at a time wrapping around the forefinger. Hold the stand above the part being combed so that the pull comes on your baud, not on the hair roots and comb the tangles from the end first.
  6. Comb gently especially when removing tangles. If the hair is badly tangled, apply Vaseline or oil or wet hair with alcohol but time, patience and skill are required.
  7. If the hair is long, part down and middle and plaid into two braids shirting towards the front so that a patient lying on her back will not be conscious of this coronet across the front of the head or let them freely down holding the ends with ribbon or tape or rubber bands.
  8. Gather all used articles. Clean and disinfect brush and comb and return them into their proper places.

Additional Info

  1. Never allow an ill patient to comb her hair.
  2. If the hair is too tangled, Vaseline may be use to remove the tangles.
  3. The nurse should never cut the patient’s hair without the patient’s permission.
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