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    Otitis Media

    Otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear without reference to etiology or pathogenesis.

    7 Cerebral Palsy Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing goals for a client with cerebral palsy include optimize mobility and prevent deformity, improve nutritional status, strengthen family support, foster self-care, enhanced communication and provide quality of life.

    7 Tracheostomy Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing care objectives for a client who had undergone tracheostomy includes maintaining a patent airway through proper suctioning of secretions, providing an alternative means of communication, providing information on tracheostomy care, and preventing the occurrence of infection.

    Impaired Verbal Communication Nursing Care Plan

    Use this guide to help you formulate nursing interventions for impaired verbal communication nursing care plan and nursing diagnosis. 

    6 Schizophrenia Nursing Care Plans

    In this guide are nursing care plans for schizophrenia including six nursing diagnosis. Nursing care plan goals for schizophrenia involves recognizing schizophrenia, establishing trust and rapport, maximizing the level of functioning, assessing positive and negative symptoms, assessing medical history and evaluating support system.

    9 Parkinson’s Disease Nursing Care Plans

    The nursing goals for patients with Parkinson's Disease include improving functional mobility, maintaining independence in performing ADLs and among others. Here are nine nursing care plans for Parkinson's Disease.

    13 Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Nursing Care Plans

    Nurses play a key role in the recognition of dementia among hospitalized elderly, with that here are 13 nursing care plans for Alzheimer's Disease.

    12 Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident) Nursing Care Plans

    Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) refers to any functional or structural abnormality of the brain caused by a pathological condition of the cerebral vessels or of the entire cerebrovascular system. This post contains 8 Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke) Nursing Care Plans

    5 Thyroidectomy Nursing Care Plans

    Thyroidectomy is the removal of the thyroid gland, this post contains nursing care plans for post-op thyroidectomy patients.