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Nursing Board Exam Questions

At Nurseslabs, we have a large database of nursing exam questions which you can use for your NCLEX or on your board exams. These questions can help you enhance your knowledge about the different concepts of nursing and can also practice you during your actual exams! We hope that these questions will be of great help to your exams!

NOTE: All exams below are currently being updated. All our exams will be interactive (and more fun) like those in the NCLEX section


New set of sample questions for your preparation for the NCLEX. For the NCLEX Practice Questions, please visit this link.

Interactive Exams

Enjoy these sample examinations in an interactive and less boring way. Check out also the exam mode page for more.

Fundamentals of Nursing

These are common board exam questions about the concepts of Fundamentals of Nursing.

Community Health Nursing

These are the common board exam questions about Public Health Nursing and Community Health Nursing.

Maternal and Child Health Nursing

Here are the common board examination questions about Maternity Nursing and Maternal and Child Health Nursing.

Nursing Leadership & Management

Pharmacology Exams

Looking for the Pharmacology exams? We’ve moved them under the Fundamentals of Nursing category.

Medical-Surgical Exams

These common board exam questions will challenge and sharpen your knowledge about the concepts of Medical-Surgical Nursing.

Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing Exams

Examinations about Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing can be quite difficult (very especially those TheraCom questions). Good thing we have a list of the common board examination questions about Psychiatric Nursing.

Comprehensive Exams

Pre-board Exams

Pre-board exams are now part of the categories above. Please look for posts tagged with “NLE Pre-Board.”


  1. this site is really helpful :) seriously I’m really having a mild anxiety right now. almost 1 month na lang May 2014 PNLE na.. pls pray for us who will take the exam pls pls :)))) keep the faith! God bless us all :)

  2. I find this site very helpful. Almost 10 urs na ako s abroad but this site helps me in my nclex prepatation.. i highly recomed this together with nursingblogspot.com, nursing mnomenics,pinterest and trumbler.

  3. hello i just wanna ask if meron bang answer key ang mga exam? I wanna try to take some of the exams listed and compare my answer..tnx

  4. pls help me if the child have sickle anemia may exhibit what??? the choices is vertigo, hyperactivity,mild mental retardation, delayed physical development???and i need the rationale. pls

    • delayed physical development, because the blood cells are not the normal shape and the blood supply to certain organs is reduced especially during crisis. also the extreme pain delays physical development.

  5. Thanks po sa info ng site na to. Hope na sana makapasa tayo for Dec 2013 board exam. Future RN, we can do this. Aja!

  6. salamat dto kht ndi ako ngreview center may mga questions.dto that enhances may knowledge.hope mkpasa ngayon this. exam

  7. thank you for this web site marami akung natutunan hope pasado tayo lahat na nakapag review dito…ang laking tulong po thanks a lot…

  8. It really helps everyone to do a little self review.. :-).. thank u for giving us this site to hone our tast taking skills

  9. thank u po sa mga questions dito at rationale….napaka buti nung mga nagshashare ng mga nalalaman nila…malaking tulongskn toh…self review lng kc q taz working pa n halos 12hrs a day 6 times a week..khit ngarag n sa hting gabi…nagsasagot pa din ako pra mkapasa na…

  10. ……….marami pong salamat sa lahat ng nagbigay ng question, answers, rationale……at sa web site na ito…….ako po’y naging confident sa lahat…..hindi lng po kami na mga reviewee ang natulungan at napasaya niyo….pati po ang panginoon…OUR .GOD ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH……….na nag formed sa atin lahat——– to serve him faithfully…and this is one of the ministry that you show your love to God and His people….that you would help everyone especially those oppressed one……..

  11. This is really awesome :) I’m gonna take the NLE this December 2013 and i’m very hopeful to be a Nurse after my birthday on January. Thanks for this site.

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