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Welcome to your NCLEX practice quiz and review about newborn nursing care and assessment. Test your competence with these 50 questions from our nursing test bank!

Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment Nursing Test Bank

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  1. Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment Quiz #1 | 25 Questions
  2. Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment Quiz #2 | 25 Questions

Quiz guidelines:

  1. Comprehend each item. Read and understand each question before choosing the best answer. The exam has no time limit so that you can make sense of each item at your own pace.
  2. Review your answers. Once you’re done with all the questions, you’ll be redirected to the Quiz Summary table, where you’ll be able to review which questions you’ve answered or may have skipped. Review your answers once more before pressing the Finish Quiz button.
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Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment (Quiz 2: 25 Questions)


Newborn Nursing Care & Assessment Reviewer

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  • Kindly review the answers of number 6, 21 & 22. The correct answers are scored incorrect and the rationales are still the ones scored incorrect. Please effect the right changes to avoid confusion.

  • yes i agree with the statement above. Also i would review the sizing of the infants head question. it is true you can size right above the infants eye brow.

  • What is the issue with some of the test bank questions for NCLEX Maternal/Newborn? #6 was answered correctly, but it came up as incorrect. Same thing happened for #22. Just needed to let you know….

  • Please check question 10 , its stated the correct answer is c but marks wrong even if you choose the c

  • (Reposted for correction) Please check number 25. Isn’t it right that ABO incompatibility occurs only when the mother is type O and the child is type A, type B, or type AB?

  • I would like to know why #21 has the answer which is acceptable instead the negative approach due to ” Further instruction” in the stem question? i think i could choose ” If you give the baby cereal, be sure to give him rice to prevent allergy. Please i am waiting for your explanation. Thanks in advance…


      The nurse “recognizes” the need for further instruction about infant feeding, therefore, telling the mother the CORRECT statement, C. “The infant’s digestive tract cannot handle complex carbohydrates like cereal.”

      Notice that other options A, B, and D also need further instructions.

      Hope this helped you.

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