On The Verge of a Nursing Shortage


Nursing is the fifth largest occupation in the United States and provides Americans with essential healthcare services. With the retirement of the baby boomer generation and the rise of chronic diseases, there is now a need for more nurses to deal with the increasing number of patients. Unfortunately, the supply of qualified nurses has remained stagnant and enrollment at nursing schools is not increasing fast enough. It is anticipated that four million new jobs will be added to the healthcare industry by the year 2020.

It is estimated that by 2025 the estimated shortage of registered nurses will be well over 250,000, with states like Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Maryland, and North Carolina facing the largest shortages.

Here is an infographic created by Arizona State University’s Online Nursing RN to BSN degree program. It explores the state of the nursing workforce in the United States and why it is on the brink of a nursing shortage.




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