13+ Most Haunted Hospitals and Asylums in the World


Some ghost stories are creepier than others, but there is nothing as terrifying than seeing the real venue where those eerie stories and anecdotes once took place.

These hospitals have relinquished their original state and now left in waning ruins for decades, despite being clean and sterile in times past. They are once great and famous for their unwavering service to the place but has turned into something horrible, dried up, just part of the past, leaving spooky glimpses into where our fellow nurses spent their lives a long time ago.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not, but there are just certain places where we, nurses, are connected and remain to be part of — the hospitals — whether we like it or not!

WARNING: These hospitals and asylums you’re about to see are quite disturbing. They’re creepy for reasons beyond just looking the part that they should probably not be viewed alone. So start grabbing off fellow nurses and enjoy this spooky ride!

Here are 13+ of the most horrifying hospitals in the world.

13. Royal Hope Hospital, Florida, USA

Royal Hope Hospital, Florida, USA | Image via realitypod.com
Royal Hope Hospital, Florida, USA | Image via realitypod.com

First on the list is a hospital located in Florida, USA, known to many by its gruesome history. Royal Hope Hospital was a Spanish military hospital from 1784 to 1821 and was eventually demolished through time. Finally, a replica of the original hospital was built to house the victims during the Seminole War. However, when the city workers were about to repair the water lines and penetrated the area of the old building, they found out that the hospital was originally built on what appeared to be an ancient Native American burial ground.

Visitors of the Spanish Military Hospital Museum would often mention qualities of groans and shouts coming from unoccupied rooms. Adding up to the chill, real ill beds moving over the place, beverage jars sliding cross over outside seats and the frequenting sound of marching feet in an unfilled upstairs region. Frequently encounters of strange events and apparition sightings were told and are still being experienced by the guests.

Paranormal experts once claimed that the place is a real breeding ground of haunted Florida soul and paranormal movement. And according to them, these sorts of haunting inclines to be present in these zones where human feeling and emotion is or was focused all the time.

12. Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada
Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada | Image via indulgy.com

Tranquille Sanatorium was built in 1907 as a ranch before the owners began caring for tuberculosis patients. A small community known as Tranquille was built around it. The community has its beautiful gardens, houses, a farm, a fire department, and more facilities. In 1958, the hospital closed and was reopened in 1959 to treat the mentally ill. It closed permanently in 1983.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Main Hospital)
Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Main Hospital) | Image via pbase.com

However, not everything is tranquil at the Sanatorium. Spirits persist in knocking about the place.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Sunken Garden)
Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Sunken Garden) | Image via pbase.com

The years of isolation and sadness seem to have been absorbed into the surroundings, and on occasion, those emotions can be felt by the living, and haunting encounters can occur. It would seem that Tranquille Sanatorium just might be haunted.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Residences)
Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Residences) | Image via pbase.com

Today, strange floating orbs throughout the facility, inexplicable feelings of sadness, unease and dramatic temperature changes still invade the place.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Playground)
Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Playground) | Image via pbase.com

There have also been stories about mysterious voices and ghostly figures, one of which is that of a nurse who was brutally murdered by a patient.


11. Severalls Hospital, England

Severalls Hospital, England
Severalls Hospital, England | Image via nlbloggs

Severalls Hospital in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 to the design of architect Frank Whitmore. It opened in May 1913 and housed some 2000 patients.

Severalls Hospital, England
Severalls Hospital, England | Image via dechill.co.uk

Most of the buildings are in the Queen Anne style, with few architectural embellishments, typical of the Edwardian period. The most ornate buildings are the Administration Building, Larch House and Severalls House (formerly the Medical Superintendent’s residence).

Severalls Hospital, England
Severalls Hospital, England (Hallway) | Image via dechill.co.uk

The reputation for being extremely haunted, in this context, shouldn’t come as a surprise. The hospital closed as a psychiatric hospital in the early 1990s following the closure of other mental institutions.

Severalls Hospital, England
Severalls Hospital, England (Morgue) | Image via dechill.co.uk

However, a small section remained open until 20 March 1997 for the treatment of elderly patients suffering from the effects of severe stroke. However, ghost-hunters are still very interested in the place in search of encounters of the critical kind.

10. Whittingham Hospital, England

Whittingham Hospital, England
Whittingham Hospital, England | Image via opacity.us

Whittingham Hospital was a psychiatric hospital in the parish of Whittingham, near Preston, Lancashire, England. It opened in 1873 as the Fourth Lancashire County Asylum and grew to be the largest mental hospital in Britain. However, in 1967, the hospital faced a controversy involving complaints of mistreatment in two male and two female wards in the St Luke’s division, with the worst being in “Ward 16” for women.

Complaints were reported such as patients being locked in small rooms under staircases, in washrooms, and outside in the airing courts regardless of weather. Others include patients being dragged by their hair, a “wet towel treatment” where a damp towel would be wrapped around the patient’s neck to induce unconsciousness, nurses setting fire to a patients clothing while worn, beatings and vermin infestations.

An investigation took place, and as a result, both the Head Male Nurse and the Matron took ‘early retirement.’ Two male nurses were convicted of theft, and in a separate incident, another nurse was jailed for manslaughter after an elderly patient he had assaulted later died.

The negative imagery of this hospital exists for a reason; it offers the kind of hauntings you most likely would never want to encounter.

9. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore
Old Changi Hospital, Singapore | Image via littlereddotsingapore

Located in Changi, Singapore, Changi Hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospital and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. After it was closed in 1997, it sat abandoned for over a decade.

Regarded as one of the most haunted places in Singapore, Old Changi Hospital was captured by the Japanese forces during World War II and was used as a healthcare facility for the prisoners-of-war detained at the Changi military base nearby.

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore
Old Changi Hospital, Singapore | Image via singaporevr.com

The uneasy feeling of the visitors was probably brought by those people who lost their lives in the hands of the Japs and are still seeking revenge, up to this time. According to some, the terrifying moments, excitement, and adventures were not worth in exchange for what “followed” them home.

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