What Do Nurses Really Do: 10 Instances Showing What It’s Really Like To Be A Nurse

Nursing is more than what meets the eye.

10 Instances Showing What It's Really Like To Be A Nurse

With the complexity of the job and with so many factors to consider, it’s easy for nurses to give out one answer when asked what they do for work: “We’re just nurses.”

Unfortunately, the way we downplay and trivialize our own profession makes it harder for other people, particularly our patients, to realize what we really do. As a result, we become “just nurses” for them. They see us following doctors around, giving medications and performing medical procedures.

In reality, these things don’t define us as nurses because, frankly, nursing is more than what meets the eye.

1. When you see us assisting our patients to the bathroom…

It’s not only because we don’t want them to wet their beds, but because we want to make sure they don’t fall and hit their heads.

2. When we stick needles to our patients…

We silently pray we get it done as fast as possible because we know how uncomfortable it is for them.


3. When you see us getting rid of those wrinkles our patient’s bed…

It’s not because they’re unsightly. We just don’t want them to get bed sores that can prolong their hospital stay.

4. When you see us answering all of our patient’s questions…


It’s not only because it’s our duty, but we also want to keep them informed as much as possible – easing their anxiety and making sure they make an informed decision.

5. When you see us cleaning up after our patients…

It’s not only because of the stench, but we also want to make sure they are comfortable and don’t feel embarrassed about themselves.

6. When you see us reprimanding our patients from touching their IVs…

It’s not because nurses are stern and uncaring. We just want to make sure they don’t harm themselves.

7. When you see us responding to call lights…


It’s not because we’re paid to do so. We respond because we want to ensure everything’s alright.

8. When you don’t see us complain or answer back when we get yelled at…

It’s not because we’re at fault. We just know what our patients are going through – if the situation is hard for us, it’s sure is more difficult for them.

9. When you don’t see us crying…


It’s not because we don’t sympathize with our patients. We almost always hold up the feeling because we don’t want our emotions to prevent us from doing our job.

10. When you don’t see us taking bathroom or lunch breaks…

It’s not because we can’t. We skip them to make sure you get your treatments on time.

How do you let others know about your work as a nurse?

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