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8 Ghost Stories as Shared by Nurses

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By Kristen Smith, R.N.

Many nurses have experienced, or have friends who have had paranormal experiences at work. Several people describe seeing figures or ghosts. After all, thousands of people die in hospitals every year. Some people believed that the souls of those that have perished remain to haunt the hospital wards, and can sometimes be seen or their presence felt. Here are eight creepy stories witnessed by fellow nurses on the job!

1. Mommy Dearest

“There’s a floor in our hospital that’s closed down. It isn’t used except for clinical training on rare occasions, and only one room in the front of the hall. The floor used to be for postpartum moms and the newborn nursery. Sometimes when you go down there, you will see a hazy white female figure at the far end of the hall. It’s rumored to be a mother who died during childbirth.”

2. He’s Alive

“One time, another nurse and I were performing post-mortem care on a patient that had passed. He had been dead for a couple of hours. All of a sudden, he sat straight up in the bed and groaned. Then fell back in the bed. We literally ran screaming from the room, and someone else finished care on him. We wouldn’t go back in there!”

3. Here, Kitty Kitty

“I had a patient who was CMO and quite obviously very close to dying. The week before, my best buddy-cat Pippin had died (and I was pretty broken up about it, still). That being said…I walked into her room, and she said, “Oh, you brought your kitty with you!” I blink at her and say, “What?” Mind you, this was the first time I’d had that patient, and I hadn’t discussed my cat with her, having cats or even liking them. Her reply, “Your kitty. It’s right by your foot.” I get that frisson, that momentary shiver in my soul and ask, just for kicks, “Yeah? What color’s the kitty?” “Black, with some white.”

Pippin was a black tuxedo cat with white paws and a white bib. And the patient died that night.” via reddit.

4. Rocking Mary

“We closed room 12 in our MICU because just about every patient that has been there complained of seeing a woman wearing a white hat rocking back and forth by their bedside. Apparently, this nun never makes eye contact…just stares outside the window which happens to be on the patient’s left side over their head. This window overlooks the hospital cemetery where nuns that have died were buried. Mary was a nun that died in a car accident outside of the hospital in the 50’s. She was about 30 years old and all of the patients describe her as a young woman. We thought that it was the “sun-down syndrome.” Anyways, since then room 12 became our storage room where no one goes in by themselves unless it is absolutely critical.” via allnurses.

5. Hand Prints

“My town has two really old hospitals. One no longer functions as overnight, and the stories are unsettling. No one cleans the old ER alone because all the lights and call bells go off. On other floors, there’s a kid with his ball, a lady in a white dress, etc. A coworker was cleaning an entire floor utterly solo (the norm) and bounced between rooms because the cleaning solution stays wet for a few minutes. Upon returning to a freshly wiped bed, handprints were clearly visible” via reddit

6. Running Water

“My mother trained as a nurse at the old Westminster Teaching Hospital in London in the 1950s. On one of her first night shifts, she was doing rounds in the children’s ward. Everything was fine, all the kids were asleep, but in one of the rooms, she found the sink faucet running, which was a bit weird because it had been fine when she’d been by a few minutes before. She figured that one of the kids had got up and been thirsty or something, turned it off and carried on with the rounds. When her shift was over, she checked out with the Matron, who asked if she had anything to report. She said there was nothing, except that someone had left a faucet on in one of the rooms. The Matron looked horrified and gasped out “oh no!” She then explained that the ward was haunted by a ghost which washed its hands-leaving the faucet running-whenever a child was going to die. My mother laughed this off, pointed out that none of the kids in the ward were seriously ill and went home. When she came in for her shift the next evening, she discovered that a previously perfectly fine child in that room had had a sudden seizure and died only a few hours after she’d found the open faucet.” via reddit

7. Get the Fly Swatter

“I took care of a baby in the NICU one time and family believed in reincarnation as part of their religion. A few days before their baby passed, a large fly would frequently land on the baby’s crib. After the baby died, a fly would continue to come, and whichever isolette it would land on, that baby would soon code or die after that. It was scary. Now, every time someone would see a fly, we would freak and try to kill it before it landed on someone!”

8. Mouse

When I was a hospice nurse, I went to a house to do post-mortem care and sit with a patient and family until the funeral home arrived. While I was sitting on the couch in the living room, a mouse ran out from the living room and into the patient’s bedroom, under the hospital bed! I, of course, was horrified and yelled for the son. The son simply replied, “It won’t bother you.” The mouse stayed under the bed until the funeral home got there. It then ran to the living room under the coffee table. As the funeral home men rolled out the patient, the mouse went out behind them. The son later explained that the mouse had been in the house that last few days with the patient. The dog never reacted to the mouse; everyone just sorts of coexisted. It’s like the mouse was watching over the lady.”

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  1. When I was still a Student Nurse. One of the famous Maternal and Child Hospital in the Philippines was assigned on our group. It was a graveyard shift when they all felt a cold breeze on one of the private room and I was the only one that was able to nap pretty well.
    On the very next day, they were all talking that they won’t enter that room. I went in front of that room with my Clinical Instructor and I told her that I saw 3 women walking in front of that door. After a few minutes after I yelled that the should show us some sign that they are within that area. The light flickered and the old coin payphone showed a word “Hello, I’m here” even one of my group mate saw it from afar. My CI told me not to do that again.


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