5 Funny Things That’ll Tell You’re Friends With A Nurse

Aside from missing lunch outs and movie dates, being friends with nurses is great. They always have answers to your questions, whether they’re about pregnancy, hangover issues or about your poo.

1. They give you ironic tips about healthy eating and weight loss

Nurses can give you an in-depth lecture about the effective ways on how to lose weight, yet they’re the same people who frequently complain about their muffin tops and excess fats. They can even show frustrations about how hard it is to shed a few pounds.

Nurses have the best weight loss tips but they can be stubborn about following their own lessons.
Nurses have the best weight loss tips but they can be stubborn about following their own lessons.

They can enroll you in gym classes and can help you prepare healthy meals but you’ll often find them with big cups of coffee with late-night pizza deliveries.

“My friend who’s a nurse is my go-to person whenever I need some motivation about losing weight. She’ll tell me all about the ‘unhealthy food’ I should not be eating- while stuffing her face with french fries and cheeseburgers. And because she’s my friend, no, she doesn’t share her food with me,” a 25-year old teacher confessed.

2. They keep antiemetics

Nurses rarely get drunk, especially when they know that they can be called to report to work. For their friends, however, they like keeping antiemetics just in case their friends can’t keep the alcohol inside their stomachs. It’s not that nurses can’t handle a vomiting person. It’s just their way of making sure you won’t humiliate yourself and vow never to leave the house again.

3. They correct medical shows for you

Good friends won’t allow anyone to fool you and for nurses, that includes TV shows. They can tell you every single thing a doctor or nurse is doing wrong in a specific scene. If that isn’t enough, she can even demonstrate and elaborate the right procedure for you.

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And if there’s a diagnosis in the scene that you can’t really understand, you can just ask them outright. No need to grab your phone and do a search.

4. They’ll watch horror shows with you

Not all your friends are comfortable enough to see people getting stabbed and bleeding. If you’re dying to see a horror movie, pick your nurse friend first. They are not very squeamish when it comes to exposed organs and blood. They can even tell you how great they are.

Nurses find horror movies fascinating, even if these movies include excessive blood.
Nurses find horror movies fascinating, even if these movies include excessive gore.

“I have a friend who took me out to see a horror movie. She was joking around and telling me not to faint or anything during the movie. When the part came where a character got a hacking wound to the stomach, I was pointing out the visible organs when I saw my friend rushing out of the movie house. She spent around five minutes vomiting in the restroom and she never said anything about the movie after,” an ER nurse shared.

5. They won’t let you lie to yourself

Nurses know when their patients are lying so you can expect them to know when you are, too. Before you can even admit it, they’re already probing you.

They won’t let you tolerate your bad relationship or your bad behaviors at home. They won’t also let you drown yourself with negative coping mechanisms to forget about your problems. Nurses are excellent at presenting reality. They can sound irritating during these times, but they won’t surely give up on you until you fix yourself.

Do you have a nurse friend? What makes it fun to be friends with a nurse?

Rozzette Cabrera is a registered nurse pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a professional writer. She spent a few years putting her profession into practice until she decided to take her chances with freelance writing over a year ago. Her life has never been the same since then.

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